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The shock in the United Kingdom after the announcement of Princess Kate's cancer

The United Kingdom is on Saturday in shock at the announcement of the cancer of Princess Kate, the very popular wife of the heir to the throne, who called ;eacute; to respect his private life, after weeks of rumors and wild speculation about his health.

The British royal family finds itself in an unprecedented situation where two of its most important members, the king and the future queen, must battle cancer.

Charles III, 75 years old, learned at the beginning of February that he was suffering from this disease.

Friday evening, Kate herself announced her cancer in a video.

Neither the king nor the princess have specified which cancer they have.

On Saturday, the word “shock” appeared writ large on the front pages of several British newspapers. The press adores Kate, and sees her as a model member of the monarchy.

“Kate, you are not alone,” writes the tabloid The Sun.

The Times retains the optimistic words of the princess: “I will get through this”, headlines the daily.

Kate's state of health and the silence which surrounded her long convalescence after her abdominal operation in mid-January gave rise to all kinds of rumors, particularly on social networks. “The internet trolls who delight in the princess's misfortunes should be ashamed,” judges the Telegraph.

For Nathaniel Taylor, a 24-year-old Briton, interviewed by the AFP near Kensington Palace, the official London residence of Kate and her husband William, some people “went too far in making things up” about the princess.

“I hope people will look in the mirror and think,” he added.

“I'm happy that she spoke out. (…) The rumors will calm down and she will be able to rest with her family. She deserves to have the necessary space to do so,” said Linda Boby, during a visit to Windsor Castle, west of London.

The shock in the United Kingdom after the announcement of Princess Kate's cancer

Princess Kate and Prince William leave Windsor Castle after a ceremony, June 19, 2023 © POOL – HENRY NICHOLLS

King Charles III said he was “proud of Kate's courage”.

Prince Harry – William's younger brother – and his wife Meghan, who have broken with the royal family and live in California, wished in a statement “health and healing” to Kate and family. “We hope they can recover (in a) private and peaceful manner,” they added.

– “Need time” –

Kate spoke, looking tested and tired, in a video filmed Wednesday in Windsor, where she lives with her husband and their three children, and broadcast Friday.< /p>

“The last few months have been incredibly difficult for my whole family,” said the 42-year-old princess.

Tests after the abdominal surgery she underwent in January revealed the presence of cancer.

Kate spoke of her “huge shock” and explained that the family would “need time.” She asked that their privacy be respected.

The princess is undergoing preventive chemotherapy.

This treatment is generally offered after an operation to reduce the risk of cancer returning and spreading in the body via the spread of cancer cells in the blood.

According to the British agency PA, Kate began her treatment at the end of February.

– An essential figure –

A Kensington Palace spokesperson said Friday that Princess Kate would return to official duties “as soon as her medical team clears her.” According to PA, Kate, William and their children will not be present at the traditional Easter mass with the royal family.

The shock in the United Kingdom after the announcement of Princess Kate&#39;s cancer

Journalists stationed outside Kensington Palace in London, March 22, 2024 © AFP – HENRY NICHOLLS

Kate's cancer is “terrible news”, royal family expert Richard Fitzwilliams told AFP.

“There is no doubt that this is a very, very difficult moment for the institution of the monarchy,” he added, noting that it was “almost impossible” to plan anything involving Charles and Kate.

The princess's health had been a concern for over two months.

On January 17, Kensington Palace announced that Kate had undergone a major abdominal operation the day before in a London clinic.

Smiling and elegant, the Princess of Wales is one of the most popular figures in the royal family.

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