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The Signal (Netflix): you don't understand the ending ? We'll explain

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This is one of the most viewed series currently on Netflix. The Signal, the original SF creation is a great success on the streaming service. This production certainly appealed to the public, but testimonials from Internet users suggest that the finale disappointed some, while others did not really understand. (Spoiler alert, the rest of the article reveals major plot elements).

A story full of twists and turns

When astronaut Paula is supposed to return to Earth, she mysteriously disappears. Her husband and daughter, Sven and Charlie, go looking for her. But, just before concluding her mission on the ISS, Paula received a message from an extraterrestrial life form that said hello. The scientist manages to determine when and where this form of life intends to reach our planet and communicates this information to Earth. The astronaut also knows that her colleague Hadi does not want her to investigate the subject. The latter is an accomplice of his employer Mudhi. Paula and Hadi are then killed in a plane crash.

The government, which has learned of this sensitive information, wishes to destroy the UFO using 'a missile. Except that Paula had knowingly provided incorrect contact details to the authorities. On the other hand, Charlie was able to recover these while she spoke with her mother by radio when she was on the ISS. Our two heroes must then deal with the wrath of Mudhi who intends to be the first man to welcome the aliens.

A surprising conclusion

At the end of their eventful adventures, Sven and Charlie end up going to the meeting place and make a stunning discovery: what Paula heard on board the ISS did not come from # 8217;an extraterrestrial seeking to establish contact, but recording the voice of a human child.

Clearly, it is This was NASA's Voyager 1 space probe (a real space probe from 1977 that carried the golden disc) which contained, among other things, audio recordings of greetings, wildlife and music from Earth), explains Netflix on its website.

A big question remains ? Who or what decided to send back this probe on Earth and why ? In the series, journalists suggest that “Voyager 1's dismissal could be a message that humanity is no longer what it used to be. Our instinct to destroy an unknown entity that is trying to make contact with the Earth… without first greeting her or trying to understand her – says more about our modern penchant for violence than for peace”, the streaming service suggests.

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