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The success of the Galaxy S24 is confirmed: the figures

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The Galaxy S24 series, presented by Samsung in January, is selling very well. In a recently published article, the Korean agency Yonhap relays figures from Counterpoint Research which indicate that global sales of the Galaxy 24 series are 8% higher than those of the Galaxy S23 series, during the same period in 2023. And apparently, these new smartphones are particularly popular in Korea, Europe, and the United States.

Indeed, in Samsung's domestic market, sales of the Galaxy S24 are up 22%. In Europe, the increase even reached 28%, thanks to a large volume of devices pre-ordered in Germany, France and the United Kingdom. And in the United States, sales of the Galaxy S24 series are 14% higher than sales of the S23 series in the same period.

Other good news: the best-selling model in the series is the most expensive. The Galaxy 24 Ultra would in fact have a 52% share of sales, the Galaxy S24 would have a 27% share, and the Galaxy S24 Plus would have a 21% share.< /p>

Samsung succeeds in its AI bet

Compared to 2023 flagships, the Galaxy S24 series is packed with new features based on artificial intelligence. Samsung's Galaxy AI features include a new translator, a feature that rephrases text messages using generative AI, a feature that summarizes articles for the user, and many new camera features.

By focusing on artificial intelligence, Samsung managed to stimulate demand, while sales of the Galaxy S23 series were already excellent, in 2023. Moreover, according to analyst Ming Chi Kuo, Samsung has already corrected its production forecasts, with a view to adapting to this higher demand. “Benefiting from higher demand than expected due to the strong integration of GenAI functions, Samsung revised upwards shipments of the Galaxy S24 series in 2024 by 5-10%, while Apple revised downwards forecasts for 2024 by 5-10%. shipping of the iPhone 15 in the first half of 2024”, he wrote at the end of January.

Apple is preparing similar features ?

In any case, the success of the Galaxy S24 series should force Samsung's competitors, including Apple, to offer features similar to Galaxy AI features on their smartphones. And, in fact, Tim Cook regularly mentions AI during his speeches. For example, the boss of Apple has already announced that the firm will make an announcement related to AI this year.

It is rumored that Apple is already testing an equivalent of ChatGPT internally. And this artificial intelligence would be used to power an improved version of Siri, which could be unveiled in June at the WWDC conference.

  • Counterpoint Research Data Confirms Success of Samsung Galaxy S24 Series
  • Worldwide, sales are reported to have increased by 8% compared to sales of the Galaxy S23 series in the same period in 2023
  • In Europe, sales have increased by 28%, thanks to Germany, France and the United Kingdom
  • On this series, Samsung has relied heavily on new features based on the AI ​​it developed
  • Apple is expected to respond with its own new products based on generative artificial intelligence

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