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The sun finally returns on this date in France… but not everywhere!

The sun seems &agrav; new one will show up in a few days, but it's not yet for everyone.

The first weekend in May promises to be mixed. After the heavy rains of recent days having led in places to floods, hail and even heavy snowfall, the weekend should be calmer. Sign of a gradual return to life Normally, Sunday will be sunny but only around the Mediterranean rim.

On Saturday, temperatures remain autumnal. From the western tip to the In the east of the country, it will be difficult to escape the showers and westerly winds. Only the Côte d'Azur should be able to put away its anoraks and enjoy a more spring-like atmosphere even if the sky will remain light ' That’s it. Temperatures will be at barely in season, between 7 and 13°C in the morning and 14°C in the morning and 14°C in the morning and 14°C in the morning and 14°C in the morning. 20°C for the afternoon. The mildness of Saturday will be accompanied by From the end of the day there were some clear spells on the Atlantic coast but nothing comparable to the very sunny weekends in April .  

For this end of the weekend, temperatures are approaching seasonal norms throughout the country at least for the second part of the day, on average 17 & ;agrave; 21°C across the whole country compared to only 8&agrav; 12°C in the morning according to La Chaine Météo. Despite the north wind, it will be fine and dry in the Massif Central à Corsica, via Montpellier, Marseille and Nice.

The sun finally returns on this date in France… but not everywhere!

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The first sunny days of May will be expected in other parts of France, which remain under the influence of the "gout cold". The storms will continue to move northwards to concentrate on the coast and inland between Brest and Bordeaux. As for the disturbances from the day before, present in Brittany, they will move towards the north-east of the country.

The sun returns this Sunday to France, finally, but only on the Mediterranean rim. The country will therefore be further cut off. in two this weekend, with showers and autumnal temperatures for half the month. north, while in the south, the sun and mildness return. You will still have to wait to enjoy the walks by the sea but some will be able to put away their umbrella. It's especially at the beginning of next week that we will have to be attentive, the anticyclone of the British Isles could act as a barrier to the depressions still off the Atlantic . Which should lead to à a calm and mild week across the country. Something to enjoy the long weekend which, for the lucky ones, begins on May 8.

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