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“The truth is that yes…” Luis Enrique talks about leaving PSG

Back on Twitch, the PSG coach talked about his future.

He was the hip coach of the game. from the net &agrav; At the time of the coronavirus pandemic by regularly appearing live on the Twitch site, Luis Enrique officially made his return to the platform Thursday March 21 to respond to all the questions without taboo about his passions, his future and even French gastronomy.

À At the time, the former Spanish player had created a buzz by evoking the sexual relations of his players on the platform, this time, the current coach of the PSG was é softer in his responses and didn't really swing the question. incredible information even if there are still some hidden messages.

The Spanish technician confirmed  that he wanted to stay at PSG next season because he is under contract and that he is not used to betraying his leaders. "My rule is to respect my contracts and to be polite with the people who trust me. From my first meeting with PSG, I saw that it was a place to develop a very good project. I am delighted and I can only thank them. If anyone has to tear up the contract, it won't be me. I never have and I won't do it. he explained.

But he still mentioned it. his departure from PSG & the end of the live when it was arrested on a possible desire to return to at the head of the Spanish selection of which he wasé the coach of 2018 & 2022. "Yes. The truth is yes. This was a unique experience, which made us grow a lot as a staff. Of course I would like to represent my country. Without a doubt. "

Olympic champion with Spain, the former player is very attached to the game. &agrav; his country, but also at Barça about which he spoke a lot. in his live &agrav; a few days of the match against à them in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Referring to the replacement of Xavi, là also Luis Enrique spoke of his desire to return to Barça one day or another, but only if all the planets align and that's not for tomorrow.' ;nbsp;

"If we talk about desire, I've always said that çI would like it, he first posed. But reality is that it is difficult to cross our paths. I must be free and this must coincide with my will. from the Barça to take me. When I left the selection (end of 2022), they had a coach. And this summer, they will need a coach, but I have a contract. "

As a reminder, a few days ago, the former legend of Barça Deco, who became sports director of the club, had & ;eacute;mentioned; the possibility to see Luis Enrique at the head of the Catalans again. "I like it very muchIt's a real pleasure! reference to all levels, coach, manager and as a person. He has everything a top level coach should have. "

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