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The weather forecast for the months of May and June is becoming clearer, already an estimate on the rain!

As temperatures continue to change suddenly and rain falls frequently, what are the forecasts for the quarter that begins? < /p>

The temperatures keep fluctuating this month of April. After a heat peak on Saturday April 6, 10 degrees were reached. lost a few days later and the rain took its toll again. It is therefore becoming more and more difficult to anticipate the weather. So what does spring have in store ? Will the good weather be there for the bridges in May ? Météo France has revealedé its first forecasts for the next three months come. This document does not present precise data but reflects the overall trend that could emerge in France.

First of all regarding temperatures, a scenario warmer than normal would be most likely at the end of the year. 50% according to Météo France. "Over a large part of Europe, the circulation of air masses warmer than normal remains favored, said Météo-France. The other 50 percent is shared across the board. equal share between "compliant" and "colder" than seasonal norms. The Weather Channel has confirmed these forecasts and added precision: "À Over the April-May-June quarter, the temperatures forecast in France should remain higher than the seasonal averages with a &eac;difference close to +0.5 à +1 °C". This gradual rise in temperatures could prepare for a harsh summer. rather warm.

The weather forecast for the months of May and June is becoming clearer, already an estimate on the rain!

Seasonal forecasts three months regarding temperatures. © Météo France

This obviously does not mean that it will be hot throughout the quarter: "Strong monthly variations are expected between a start still humid and sometimes cool spring, and a strong warm trend which emerges as we approach the month of June, has nuanced the weather. The Weather Channel. Thus, for the rest of April, the situation should improve towards drier and sunnier weather. Then, the month of May should be beautiful but rather dry. and that of June punctuated by of "high heat" and "storms".

Regarding precipitation, the estimates are still very uncertain. Météo France estimates é 33% chance of a wetter period than normal for the season. The same percentage was increased. &eac;evaluatedé for precipitation consistent with normal seasonal conditions as well as for the risk of a drier period. No scenario is therefore privileged; &agrav; this stage. Forecasts are less reliable for precipitation than for outdoor temperatures. this stage. La Chaine météo however, for its part, leans towards precipitation fairly close to the averages of season and even a possible stormy tendency, particularly in the south. 

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