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“The Williams Method: what is the true story of the father of the Williams sisters?”

The Williams Method: What is the True Story of the Williams Sisters' Father ?

The Williams Method: What is the True Story of the Williams Sisters' Father ?

Will Smith plays the father of Serena and Venus Williams in the biopic “The Williams Method”, released in 2021 and which earned him the Oscar for best actor the following year.

The Williams Method: What is the True Story of the Williams Sisters' Father ?

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To tell the story of the rise of the Williams sisters, queens of tennis, director Reinaldo Marcus Green chose to take the prism of their father, coach Richard Williams. Adapting the true story of this family, The Williams Method is a biopic released in 2021&nbsp ;telling how this man who had no experience in sport, developed a plan from the age of four for her daughters to make them the future champions we know today. The patriarch did not fail to do so. to demonstrate authority towards his daughters to raise them to the top. 

The Williams method portrays this American coach, now aged   82 years old and incarnated by Will Smith in this film. Obviously, before telling the life of Richard Williams, the production obtained the agreement of the family, and in particular that of the sister of Venus and Serena , Isha Price, who is executive producer of the film. details and details about his family to make the story even more credible. His involvement was also the essential condition requested by the family to allow the film to be made.

It must be said that the Williams family had been the subject of rumors and speculation for years. According to Serena Williams, who also executive produced with her sister Venus, “we wanted to set the record straight.” Speaking to Forbes, she said she was delighted with the film: “A lot of people think my dad was a different character. He wanted us to have fun above all else. That's what I liked the most.

A realistic film, except for a few details

This does not mean, however, that there are not details that differ from reality. The scene ;ne où he's getting ready to play take revenge on a gangster before witnessing a crime his murder, is invented, details Télérama. But as we can discover in the biopic, others more ' Some of the elements are true, such as the fact that Richard Williams refused to accept his request. that his daughters participate à junior tournaments, or that social services came to check that the Williams sisters were not mistreated.

For this role, Will Smith won the Oscar for Best Actor in 2022, a controversial award. since the actor received it just a few minutes after having slapped him. comedian Chris Rock on stage, after he had just made a dubious joke about his wife.

Synopsis– Focus on personality of tennis coach Richard Williams, father of world players Venus and Serena. He had no experience in sports but when his daughters turned four, he developed a sports program. a 78-page plan describing the training of future champions. The Williams sisters have become two of the greatest players in tennis history. Serena is undoubtedly the best tennis player of all time, with 23 victories in Grand Slam tournaments. Venus Williams won seven Grand Slam titles.



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