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“There are superb watches with rubies”, Guy Roux’s revelations about a purchased European Cup match

A European Cup match would have been purchased by CSKA Moscow according to Guy Roux.

Corruption in football and even in sport in general is a real scourge. Just a few days ago, the boss of Olympique Lyonnais, John Textor, expressed then maintained heavy accusations, explaining that the "manipulation of results is a reality", especially in Brazil. Today & At the head of Botafogo, he accused Palmeiras of having corrupted referees and denounced also players from Sao Paulo FC and Fortaleza, guilty à his eyes from having manipulated him results to favor Palmeiras.

If the facts are "recent", others resurface regularly, which sometimes affect competitions or matches that marked the history of French football. This is the case of the match Auxerre – CSKA Moscow, in the quarter-final of the UEFA Cup in 2005. À At the time, the AJA of Guy Roux, emblematic coach of the Burgundians, lost with a score of 4-0 in the first leg before recovering and save honor on the return by winning 2-0.

"An anecdote that could land us in prison" (Guy Roux)

In an interview with Le Figaro on Wednesday April 24, Guy Roux returned with bitterness to this defeat and the elimination, even speaking of a "theft".  "The referee éwas bought", he accuses.& nbsp;”In the return match, I'm going to tell you an anecdote that could land us in prison (smile). After the first leg, I had suspicions and asked for help. &agrav; a guy from us to go and search the referees' bags during the match. He comes back to see me, angry, and says:  "There are superb watches with rubies".

"I had ten minutes to make the right decision. Six months before this match, I had decided; To stop with Auxerre, no one knew. If I decide to call the cops and the authorities, they will be reported, I will have the four German referees fired and I will be the guy in charge. the origin of this scandal, but not the person who played 894 Ligue 1 matches and carried the AJA in Europe. I didn't take the right solution. I didn't say anything. And I was there. even more stupid by not poking the watches (laughter)."

Despite; the accusations were quite serious, no investigation was carried out. open since 2005, nor the slightest suspicion expressed about this European meeting. And nothing says that 19 years later, UEFA will take up the matter to open a possible file…

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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