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These 10 devices consume a lot of electricity. Don’t delay unplugging them!

While some electrical devices should never be unplugged, there are some that consume far too much electricity. when left on standby. The list &agrav; unplug urgently!

Your last electricity bill made you jump to the ceiling? You are probably not alone in the world. But there are solutions to reduce the pain. Among them, it is quite possible that you have too many devices plugged in at home unnecessarily! Sobriety Energy strongly encourages energy consumption. review our different uses and habits in order to be sure not to consume too much electricity. unnecessarily.

Be careful though, there are indeed devices that should not be unplugged whenever possible. the light. Take OLED televisions for example. The latter have a standby mode of ;eacute;jà integrated and designed not to consume anything when the latter is activated. This is why it is strongly recommended not to use it. unplug them at the risk of causing their screen to malfunction which could lead to damage. severe breakdowns.

Conversely, many types of appliances often consume too much electricity, even when ;they are not solicited. Here is the list of 10 devices you should unplug to make some savings on your next electricity bill.

These 10 devices consume a lot of electricity. Don’t delay unplugging them!

First of all, audio equipment. Turntables, state-of-the-art speakers… This equipment has the unfortunate tendency to continue to consume energy as long as they are plugged in. Speakers that have a Bluetooth connection can consume too much energy by remaining permanently detectable.

Fans can also be big consumers of electricity. Depending on the model you have, it is estimated that a fan can consume between 6 and 40 Watts when it remains plugged in.

Light bulbs and other light sources are known to be particularly demanding in terms of electricity consumption. expression "this is not Versailles here" is well founded and it is recommended turn off or completely unplug unused lights and lamps.

In the same category: illuminated aquariums are very energy consuming. Although it can make a beautiful showcase for your beloved fish, the latter also tends to attract fish. consume a lot of electricity.

Computers are increasingly powerful machines and can continue to consume a lot of electricity. even in standby mode. Laptops are also quite similar to desktop machines. If your laptop has enough battery, unplugging it saves money while taking care of its battery.

Video game consoles are also available. unplug, especially if you have a very recent model. You or your children are not playing at the moment? Unplug!

Refrigerators should obviously not be unplugged when they contain food, but you could still consider unplugging any additional fridges that you do not need all the time.

Phone chargers are known to be heavy consumers. If that doesn' is not necessarily true for the most recent models, it is advisable to be wary of the older, much more voracious references.

Finally, take a moment to take inventory of your small household appliances that are not constantly in use. A toaster, for example, is not useful 24 hours a day! Same thing for the microwave and many other small devices likely to add a few precious Watts to your next electricity bill.

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