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These 5 electric cars could well make you fall in love in 2024

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Will 2024 be the big year for electric cars?? Every year for almost a decade, car manufacturers have been promising big changes for electric cars. 12 months to come and the public is still waiting for an electric car that matches it in terms of autonomy, charging speed and finally price.< /p>

Manufacturers know that these three criteria are the main choices of the general public. They are the ones who tell the difference between one car and another when they pass through the dealership. In order to get the public on its side, the automotive world has redoubled its ingenuity in recent months and many models should be marketed in 2024 with the intention of ;be real popular successes.

The Renault R5 pulls on the nostalgia string

L&# One of the most anticipated electric cars of the year in France is surely the new version of the Renault R5. By diving back into the myth of the R5, Renault is taking a risk. Indeed, to revisit a part of its history in this way is to take on an immense heritage.

If the public is not won over by this modernization of the R5, it could well shun the model altogether, which would then become a very expensive failure. The car was presented in 2021 by the diamond brand and the first models should enter the market next fall.

The R5 seems for the ;#8217;hour rather appreciated by the French public. In addition to playing on the string of nostalgia, the R5 version 2024 should seduce with its price, around 25,000 euros.

Lancia Ypsilon, return from ;#8217;an old

Few people would have bet in 2022 on Lancia as an avant-garde manufacturer in terms of electric cars. However, the historic Italian manufacturer is there and it does not intend to make up the numbers. While the brand's sales are declining from year to year, Lancia wants to relaunch around a model, Ypsilon.

A big bet for the brand which has not yet produced any electric cars. It should be able to count on the infrastructures and in particular the platforms already existing within the Stellantis group. Lancia would thus reuse the Peugeot e-208 platform for its Ypsilon.

Mini Cooper: the electric myth

In addition to the R5, another legendary car should arrive with an electric motor in 2024. Seen from the outside, this new generation of Mini Cooper seems a carbon copy of the previous one, but in reality, a lot has changed.

Be careful though with the autonomy of this electric version which could quickly become the downside of the model. In fact, it will be limited to 305 kilometers on the Mini Cooper E and 405 kilometers on the Mini Cooper SE. Both versions should be sold by the English manufacturer for around 35,000 euros, without options.

Porsche Macan: German quality

When it comes to high-end cars, we often talk about ’ Germans. On the other side of the Rhine, despite the efforts of Audi and BMW to upgrade, two brands largely dominate the competition. These are Mercedes and Porsche.

The two manufacturers based around Stuttgart are due to launch new models in 2024. As for the brand with the star, we are expecting the EQA AND EQB by the end of the year, but that's not the case. is indeed Porsche which should leave its mark on 2024.

After launching the Taycan, the first European sports electric car, the brand intends to do it again with the Macan. The arrival of this electric version should put an end to production of the thermal Macan which was, until a few months ago, the best-selling car by the German brand in the world.

Jeff Recon: a touch of America

Finally, the American manufacturer Jeff will offer in 2024 an alternative to its “Avenger”, which has just won the title of car of the year. With the Recon, the brand stays within what it knows how to do. Produce an electric car in the form of a large cubic 4×4 in the pure tradition of American franchisers.

Under the hood, the car promises a range of more than 600 kilometers for a power of 600 horsepower. Enough to drive for long hours with the right pedal firmly depressed. For now, Jepp has not communicated a date or price for its Recon but marketing is planned “within the year” according to the brand.

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