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These dream islands are still empty of tourists, life is inexpensive and rare animals can be observed there.

This seaside destination still attracts few tourists. However, it offers a unique experience with dream beaches and rare animals nearby. discover.

For travelers who are still looking for more; think outside the box and à To get away from the crowds of tourists, there are still hidden treasures and some unspoilt paradises, far from the hustle and bustle. Asia that lurks in the Mediterranean on sunny days or, further south, destinations in the Mediterranean. fashion like Morocco or the Canary Islands. This archipelago is a haven of beauty. natural environment which still remains largely empty of tourists. It includes several protected natural areas and, despite this, there are many protected areas. beauty of its waters and beaches, this archipelago still attracts few European visitors.

This low influx of tourists allows à those who visit it enjoy an authentic and tranquil experience. Tourists from a large neighboring country, South Africa, have already done so. makes their secret lair to indulge in sex. diving and snorkelling. However, there is little chance of encountering them en masse: attendance forecasts reach only 150,000 tourists, and 10 more than 100,000 tourists. 15 times less than other island destinations.

This preserved destination is the Bazaruto archipelago in Mozambique. The 5 islands that make up the archipelago are lined with pristine beaches and white sand, and the crystal clear waters invite you to relax. diving to explore the coral reefs rich in marine life. The archipelago marine national park is thus recognized as one of the best snorkeling and scuba diving destinations in the world.

The waters surrounding the islands are teeming with marine life. They offer divers unforgettable encounters with tropical fish, dolphins, whales and sharks. Nature lovers will also be seduced by the rare fauna that can be observed there. tiara, small antelopes, pink flamingos have made their haven of peace there. Above all, Bazaruto includes the last population of dugongs on the African coast. The dugong is a curious marine mammal, close to the manatee, whose importance in biodiversity is of great importance. marine was é particularly studied by scientists in recent years.

For several years, hotels with luxurious services have grown in popularity. &agrav; Bazaruto. They attract a wealthy clientele, mainly South African, in search of isolation and breathtaking landscapes. However, life on the islands remains remarkably inexpensive, especially for visitors from abroad. Local communities live simply, especially from fishing. The Bazaruto archipelago is home to 6,500 residents spread across seven communities on three inhabited islands, maintaining a traditional life that has changed little over the years. This community island, with its warm welcome and authentic way of life, adds a rich cultural dimension à visitor experience.

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