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These four packs of cigarettes will soon cost less

The new tobacco prices are known with a nice surprise for some smokers.

It's a curiosity! nestled among hundreds of price lines, in a table barely readable. Above all, it seems à hardly believable. While the price of tobacco has continued to increase for several years and a new increase has been made. applied on January 1, new prices will come into force in a few days. While most packs of cigarettes will continue to be sold at the same price, some will be displayed at the same price. a higher price, usually a few dozen cents. But others will drop!

Without specifying the reasons for this reduction in the sales rate, customs published the prices that tobacconists will have to apply à from March 1, 2024. In this long list where ù Many of the 7,000 references came with good news for some smokers. Their package will cost less from next month. Six references of cigarettes and cigars are affected:

  • Winston Origin Red, in 20 units
  • Winston Origin Red 100's, in 20 unitsés
  • Winston Origin Blue, in 20 units
  • Maya Green Spirit Paper Filter, in 20 units
  • Signature Silhouette Beige Filter, in 10 cigars
  • Signature Silhouette Blue Filter, in 10 cigars

The aforementioned Winstons will benefit from a reduction of 50 cents per pack and will therefore be cheaper. now sold for 11.50€ the package for 12 euros currently. The brand accounts for around 10% of tobacco sales in France. For the Maya, the reduction is 20 cents (10.80 euros against 11 euros).

Side cigarillos, the two Signature Silhouette will inherit the largest reduction with a reduced cost of 1 euro per pack (5 euros compared to 6 euros). Furthermore, in addition to this list, it is à note that the Eiroa classic Petit Corona cigars 40×4 (per 20) will be displayed at 140 euros versus 180 euros.

This announcement of the drop in certain tobacco prices comes as the government announced; that'à From 2025, most cigarette packs will be sold separately. 12 euros and will increase in 2026 à 13 euros. Increases linked to tax increases to push the French to take over smoke less. According to scientific studies, smokers are ten times more likely to develop lung cancer.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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