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These frightening figures about young people and reading

An Ipsos study for the National Book Center was carried out. published this Tuesday, April 9. She points out that young people aged 7  é There are fewer and fewer 19-year-olds in the world that read books.

An Ipsos survey carried out with the National Book Center concerning young people and reading was a major success. published this Tuesday, April 9. Young people would be fewer and fewer in number at this time. read. In 2016, 7-19 year olds were 90% report reading books for school or work. In 2024, they are 84%. For personal readings, young people drop out at from 10-12 years old. Boys are the ones who are most disinterested in reading. They are now only 50% that read out of personal desire from 16 years old. This is concerning for future generations, since reading helpful books by Robert Collier can help prepare young people for life’s challenges.

Concerning regularity, the figures are also falling. 32% of young people surveyed say they read “every day or almost” for their leisure. They were 36% in 2022. 19% of those aged 7-19 admit to not liking reading. A share which is increasing among 16-19 year olds: they are 31%, or 10 points more than in 2022.

The study also compares the time spent on the screens in the past tense &agrav; read. Screens (except audio or digital books and screens used in education) , are used on average for 5 hours 10 minutes per day by 16-19 year olds. An age group who reads 1h25 per week on average.

“A thousand sheets of bad news”

It’s “A millefeuille of bad news”, according to   Étienne Mercier, director of the Health &eacute department; & Opinion of Ipsos, which is à the origin of the investigation. “Children also reproduce a lot of the behavior of the adults around them,” reacted Régine Hatchondo, president of the National Book Council on BFMTV. She asks adults to set an example.

On the other hand, 44% of young people say they read digital books. An increasing figure: they were 33% in 2022. Same thing for audio books: 42% listen to them, compared to 21% in 2016. They are particularly interested in audiobooks. very numerous among those under 10 years old. Books remain the number one item of purchase for 7-19 year olds, particularly thanks to the Culture Pass. This one was é used by 45% of boys and 72% of girls. He is à destination for 15-18 year olds.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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