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These manufacturers circumvent the 2024 ecological bonus via a formidable trick

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2024 presented himself as a real annus horribilisfor Chinese and South Korean car manufacturers (or more broadly all those who do not have a factory in Europe) wishing to still sell as many vehicles in France. Indeed, in addition to strengthening the ecological penalty, the conditions for granting the ecological bonus were increased in 2024.

No longer a question, for example, of granting this aid to hybrid cars, or to cars weighing 2.4 tonnes or more. But the big measure that especially annoys or satisfies brands depending on their geographic location is undoubtedly the new eco-score. Depending on the latter, a vehicle may not be eligible for the 2024 ecological bonus, even if it ticks all the other boxes.

How foreign manufacturers are drowning in the fish of eco-score

De facto, this involves favoring vehicles manufactured in the territory of the European Union, to the detriment of brands which do not have a factory on the continent. Tesla was able to adapt well in advance by building a factory in the suburbs of Berlin, but others, like MG, Dacia, Kia and other Hondas, let the ax fall, well aware of not unable to obtain a sufficient score.

Enough to provoke some remonstrations, particularly from MG. But overall, we note that sector executives have rather remained discreet. And for good reason: as Automobile-propre reports, the time has come for the moment to circumvent the measure, via a formidable trick which involves the good reputation that these brands have been able to generate in recent years – and very low local manufacturing costs.

The trick, very simple, takes two forms: either a permanent reduction in the list price, or a nice discount limited in time (which can also be taken up, repeated, reinforced or reduced over time ). It is most often this second option that is chosen by the brands concerned, because it ultimately involves them relatively little, leaving them free rein to dynamically adjust their strategy.

Automobile-propre thus evokes the case of the MG4 which currently benefits from a discount of €4,000. The Kia Niro and EV6 also benefit from a discount of €4,000. As for Nissan, it is offering a discount of €5,000 on the Ariya. Another additional way for these brands to keep their customers: the LOA – with often already very attractive rents. This method allows manufacturers to make the loss of ecological bonus almost invisible to customers.

  • In 2024, France tightens its automobile regulations, excluding hybrids and heavy vehicles from ecological aid, thus favoring cars manufactured in the EU.
  • Brands like Tesla are adapting with European factories, while others, such as MG and Kia, are subject to the new standards.
  • To counter these restrictions, non-European manufacturers offer significant discounts and attractive leasing offers.

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