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These new radars see everything, driving in the wrong lane could soon cost you dearly

With these new intelligent radars it is better not to be distracted when taking certain roads.

In Paris, the number of vehicles is falling but not the number of speed cameras. The Parisian ring road, 35 kilometers long, already has a large number of inhabitants. 18 fixed speed control devices. That's a radar every 2 kilometers! An average which is not ready to drop since new equipment has flourished in the summer. last on the ring surrounding the capital. To the north, between the Clignancourt gate and the Saint-Ouen gate, two brown cylindrical devices were erected. installed & a few meters away to flash in both directions of traffic.

But these radars, which in reality are systems using computer-assisted video-verbalization (smart cameras), are not intended to track speeding and punish motorists who have too heavy a foot on the accelerator pedal. No, the company Fareco-Fayat, their manufacturer, has developed devices to control the use of reserved lanes on the Paris ring road. If you haven't heard of it yet, know that two-thirds of the ring road, from the Porte de S&evres, located at west of the capital, ' the Porte de Bercy, à the east, passing through the north, will be affected by an exceptional traffic system during the 2024 Olympic Games. As for the A1, A4, A12, A13 and A104 motorways. ;– for a total of 185 kilometers in Ile-de-France -, the ring road will have one lane, the left one in this case, intended for e to vehicles accredited for the event.

At certain times, defined according to traffic, it will be prohibited for anyone to travel on a predefined lane indicated by a special sign. Only vehicles intended for the transport of athletes, officials or VIPs will be able to use these corridors in order to avoid finding themselves stuck in traffic jams. Equipped with a license plate reader, these radars will let all vehicles pass whose plate number has been detected. recorded first in an electronic file. All others, unknown to the system, will be flashed as soon as they are not driving on the right track. certain hours of the day.

Don't panic if you recently passed this type of radar: they are not yet programmed to flash. You risk nothing in the coming weeks except seeing the vehicles in front of you suddenly brake. The latest news is that the devices could flash at any time. from July 1, 2024, a few days before the start of the Olympic Games which will last from July 26 to August 11. Every motorist caught red-handed driving on the wrong lane will then be fined 135 euros. After the first two radars fixed between the Porte de Clignancourt and that of Saint-Ouen, others should be installed along the future Olympic route . They are expected at the Quai d'Issy, Porte de la Muette, Porte de Pantin and Porte de Montreuil.

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