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These professions will see a sharp increase in salaries in 2024

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The health and economic crisis linked to Covid-19 has had significant consequences on the labor market. Some sectors have been hit hard, while others have experienced unprecedented growth. In this context, the question of salaries arises acutely: how do they evolve in the face of inflation? What are the most demanded and best paid professions?

To answer these questions, the recruitment firm PageGroup carried out a study on the salary scales of more than 850 professions, spread across 26 sectors. According to this study, reported by BFM TV and taken up by Ouest France, wages will increase on average by 4% in France in 2024. But this increase is not homogeneous: it varies depending on the profession and the branch in which one works.

The shortage of qualified profiles raises the stakes

The study of firm based itself on the testimonies of its 750 specialized consultants who interviewed their clients and their candidates. She was particularly interested in the salaries of professionals who would choose to change companies in 2024.

According to Laurent Blanchard, general manager of PageGroup, the increase in wages would not be linked only to inflation. It would also be the consequence of a shortage of qualified profiles in certain popular sectors. “The shortage of qualified profiles is very marked in France […] There are 350,000 vacant positions in the first half of 2023, it is absolutely considerable and it is a figure which is constantly increasing compared to the year 2022”. In sectors under high pressure, qualified employees who change companies can easily negotiate their remuneration upwards.

Health, industry and digital sectors in the lead


The firm's study reveals that certain sectors will experience greater salary increases than others in 2024. This is particularly the case for the health sector where nurses at work will be able to claim an increase between 5 and 9%, depending on their experience. According to PageGroup, they receive on average more than €33,000 gross per year at the start of their career – and this can rise to €55,000 after 10 years of seniority.

The banking sector is not left out with increases planned between 6 and 9% for customer advisors who earn between €28,000 and €40,000 gross per year depending on their seniority. Executive assistants can also hope for good progress next year – of the order of 6 to 12% – with salaries between €28,000 and €52,000 gross per year, depending on the recruitment firm.

But the sectors that stand out the most are those of industry and who face a strong demand for technical skills. Maintenance technicians will thus be able to benefit from an increase of between 4 and 8%, technical operations directors between 6 and 8% and QHSE managers up to 10%.

IT professions , new technologies and digital are the most coveted. Cloud engineers, cybersecurity specialists, IT buyers, DevOps engineers and IT sales directors will be eligible for salary increases ranging from 7 to 15% with already high remunerations often exceeding €80,000 gross per year in carrier start. It is for this reason that web developer training and training in digital professions is experiencing unprecedented popularity.

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