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The rules of the ecological penalty will very soon evolve and new models will be introduced. cars will be affected.

Bad news for buyers, many models, including the best-sellers of the brands that manufacture them, will see their prices increase very soon. This is due to the new scale of the ecological penalty which, for 15 years, has increased the purchase price of the most polluting vehicles when they are first registered. Like every year, this penalty will change in 2024, with new, stricter criteria, reflecting the desire to be implemented. of the government to continue its policy to "decarbonize the roads".

While the threshold for carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer traveled was previously at fixed à 123 grams to avoid an additional cost, the State has decided to to lower it to 118 grams. Five grams less may not seem like much, but it's enough to tip many car models, some of the most popular with French motorists, to the wrong side of the road. of the barrier.

Thus, at From January 1, 2024, the date of entry into force of the new scale, the queens of city cars which are the Renault Clio, the Peugeot 208 and the Dacia Sandero will be more impacted by the penalty. environmentally friendly than they were before. For the Clio, whose fifth generation model has passed by the restyling box this year, the additional cost to the purchase will be between 50 and 125 euros depending on the engines concerned.

The 208, after having flirted for a long time with the with the limit of the authorized CO2 emission threshold, will see its price increase by 75 euros for its entry-level version equipped with a 75 horsepower engine. Concerning the Sandero, assembled in Morocco or Romania, it is on average 100 euros additional that you will have to pay to afford the city car powered by gasoline.< /p>

If there is nothing crazy about these increases, it is still a few tens or even hundreds of euros more expensive. plan in an already existing budget well impacted for many households by price inflation. To console ourselves – or at least attempt to do so – it is always possible to find worse elsewhere. So, for sports car enthusiasts, the bill will be considerably higher in a few months. Let's take the example of an Audi RS5 Sportback whose CO2 emissions with its V6 engine  is estimated à 203 grams per kilometer. Between December 31, 2023 and January 1, 2024, his penalty will increase from 24,720 euros to…60,000 euros. Seen like that, small city cars aren't doing so badly.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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