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These three devices should never be unplugged, you could cause an incident

Many French people are used to unplugging appliances to save energy. However, this can be dangerous!

Who has never read or heard the advice that it is best to completely turn off an electronic device when it is in use? last one is not used ?'Whether it is a toaster, a toaster, a television or a video game console, many French people have become accustomed to Completely turn off their electrical appliances when they are not in use.

Other consumers more concerned about energy loss and the environment even advise completely unplugging ;egrave;ly certain devices. Multiple sockets with switches have even invaded homes in recent years, allowing everything to be unplugged in one move. The arguments put forward would notably be passive electrical consumption of the devices, even when they are turned off but plugged in. This would also make it possible to make some savings over several months or even years.

If this advice remains commendable and effective on many devices, there are certain others which should not be unplugged otherwise it will cause possible breakdowns or accidents!

These three devices should never be unplugged, you could cause an incident

First of all, please note that it is not recommended to Unplug OLED TVs. Many technicians and manufacturers regularly recommend not touching anything. taking these TVs. This can, in certain cases, lead to the end of the store or manufacturer's warranty if you ever have a problem with it. In addition, OLED televisions always have a special power off. Specially provided with their dedicated remote control. By turning off your OLED TV with the latter, you ensure that you carry out adequate cleaning of the screen and its different pixels. Note that some brands of OLED TV even have an option to see the number of sudden shutdowns (by unplugging the TV). device for example).

The other device that should never be unplugged is your wifi router. Indeed, when a wifi router turns on, it carries out a whole series of operations to reconnect your entire home & #39; ;agrave; a network. Unplugging it and reconnecting it regularly will have the effect of multiplying these series of operations, and therefore, of requiring more the router. By doing so, you will above all increase your electricity consumption and wear out the device more quickly !

Finally, the last device that is highly recommended. Do not unplug the printer. inkjet. When such a printer turns on for the first time, it usually performs a complete cleaning of its ink reserves , then wasting the possible cartridges that you already had. started. So you will simply waste ink and time!

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