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These windshield wipers available at Action are sold at an unbeatable price

It is in Action stores that you can find these inexpensive and very simple windshield wiper blades. install.

You probably don't do it as often, but it is recommended. to change your windshield wiper blades once in a while twice a year. The rubber band of the brushes which serve à cleaning the windshield of a car actually wears out quite quickly and tends to deteriorate. crack or even à tear after a few months of use. When they are in poor condition, cleaning the window, both front and rear, is much less effective. Trails of dirt and uncleaned areas then persist, which considerably hampers visibility. of the driver. We then tend to à overuse the windshield washer to spray the windows in the hope of removing the remaining imperfections. But when the windshield wipers are out of service, there is only one solution to get a clean windshield: replace them.

Luckily, windshield wipers are not the most expensive thing on a car. While prices vary quite a bit depending on the brand, you often have to spend between 10 and 25 euros per unit. If you decide to change those on the front windshield then it is better to replace the pair, i.e. two blades, which can increase the bill by up to 100%. 50 euros. If you want to save money on this expense – which has nothing superfluous for driving in good conditions – then we can only advise you to go to one of the many Action stores.

The chain of discount stores, specializing in the sale of everyday products, offers windshield wipers. prices seen nowhere else. For only 6 euros (6.39 exactly), you will find standard windshield wipers from the Magnum brand. And their size has no impact on the price since the brooms are sold at the same price whether they are 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 & nbsp;or 70 cents! As a bonus, their installation is very simple and can be done in a few minutes with different clips provided to adapt to the model of your windshield wipers. And if this is your first time, a little notice slipped into the box will guide you through the process. not to mount your new brooms in a few minutes.

Very popular with the French, Action stores allow you to find some very inexpensive products. for the car. Windshield wipers play an important role when driving in bad weather (rain, snow…) and allow the driver to always maintain good visibility. on the road in front and behind him. If you still think that it is not worth replacing them regularly, be aware that the law provides for a fine of 68 euros, report& ;eacute;e à 45 in case of prompt payment, in case of driving with windshield wipers in poor condition.

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