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Thieves break through fence and take 14 SUVs at Ford's Oakville plant

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Fourteen new vehicles were stolen from the Ford plant 'Oakville, west of Toronto. Thieves broke in during the night. (Archive photo)

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Thieves fled from an Oakville, Ont., factory with 14 new Ford Edges, according to Halton Regional Police. On the night of January 7-8, they made a hole in the fence surrounding the factory to gain access.

Five people have been arrested by Halton Regional Police in this case.

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The Ford Edge sells for between $42,000 and $56,000 new, according to the automaker's website in Canada.

One of those arrested, a 52-year-old Ontario man, was identified by police as a member of the Iron Dragons motorcycle group. Around twenty weapons were confiscated from his residence. He faces 54 counts.

Two of the stolen vehicles have still not been recovered found. The other 12 were recovered from different locations in the Greater Toronto Area.

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These arrests come two days after the federal government announced a national summit on car theft.

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