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Thionville - OM: Marseille played with fire but ensures the essentials, the summary of the match

OM did the minimum on the lawn of Thionville, resident of National 3, for its entry into contention in the Coupe de France this Sunday, January 7. Gennaro Gattuso's men won by the smallest of margins (1-0) and will be there in the round of 16.

Marseille escapes the trap and qualifies against Thionville (1-0). The first period is rather controlled by OM who holds the ball but without ever really worrying the Thionville goalkeeper Th&eac;o Junker. The latter is greatly helped; by the XXL performance of his defender Adrien Ferino who perfectly frames the opposing attackers. Vitinha and Aubemayang, still associated, are muzzled. The young Marseille midfielder, Bilal Nadir, tries to make a difference but lacks precision in the last gesture. Small à little, the residents of N3 gain confidence and come out more and more from their half. of the field without, however, worrying Ruben Blanco. The second act begins stronger. Jonathan Clauss makes his entrance and the face of the Marseillais is transformed. Gattuso's men put more pressure and got the first big clear chance on a Veretout recovery repelled by Junker (51st). It was only a warning as Aubameyang, a little over 10 minutes later, was launched into action. by Jordan Veretout and finds the fault on a subtle dive; (63rd). The Gabonese has the opportunity to to put his own à the shelter on a similar occasion but the lob from the former Stéphanois is, this time, off target; (71st). After this opportunity, Marseille will instead be content to manage the end of the match while the Mosellans weaken physically at the end of the match. The latter will be unable to return but will not have to return. blush at their performance. 

16:33 – Thibaut Jacquel still had a smile

The Thionville midfielder came with a smile after this Thionville – OM to answer questions from France 3: "It'éwas a beautiful celebration; you. We came across a great team, certainly the greatest team in French football. We had opportunities but it's like that. If I frame my lob, I think ça ends up in it. It's a shame."

16:28 – Aubameyang's first reaction

The only scorer of this Thionville – OM deliveredé his first impressions after this Marseille victory: "We knew that it was going to be difficult because we know the Coupe de France. You had to be serious and patient to join the next round. I'm happy to start the year with a goal."

Romain Lissorgue whistles the end of this Thionville – OM! The Phocéens won by the narrowest of margins and qualified for the round of 16 of the Coupe de France. 

16:19 – Gattuso locks (90+2')

The Italian coach brings in Soglo for added time this Thionville – OM. Vitinha gives up his place. 

16:18 – Four minutes of added time (90')< /h3>

Thionville only has four minutes left to try to snatch a penalty shootout. OM is, for the moment, holding its qualification for the round of 16 of the Coupe de France. 

16: 17 – Tempers heat up (89')

After a bad gesture from Ferino on Vitinha, Kondogbia comes out of his temper and expresses his dissatisfaction to the Thionville defender. The referee intervenes to calm everyone in Thionville – OM. 

16:15 – Junker on the trajectory ( 88')

Vitinha manages à find the frame in a closed corner but his recovery is still captured by a reassuring Théo Junker. 

16:14 – Aubameyang &amp ;eacute;crushes too much (87')

L'OM still doesn't make the break! Jordan Veretout finds Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the area but the latter's shot is a little too hard and is caught by Théo Junker. 

16:13 – Henrique's center is too long (85')

Le Br&amp ;eacute;silien turns around and tries to find Aubameyang in the area but the ball escapes the only scorer of this Thionville – OM. 

16:09 – The return of Luis Henrique (82')

Gennaro Gattuso makes a second change in this Thionville – OM with the return of Br&eacute ;silien Luis Henrique who replaces Bilal Nadir. 

16:07 – More new blood à Thionville (80')

Gourichy has arrived; at the end of his strength in this Thionville – OM and gave up his place for the last minutes of the match. Caloeiro. 

16:05 – Ferino still decisive (78')

The Thionville defender is still present in his area to repel Aubameyang's cross who was looking for Vitinha in the opposing area. 

16:03 – Another double change for Thionville (76')

If Gennaro Gattuso does not make many changes, his Moselle counterpart makes his third and fourth substitution in this Thionville – OM with the entries of Pignatone and Djecta & the place of Jacquet and Groune. 

16:02 – The useless cardboard of Meïté (75')

The Marseille defender pushes Gourichy after a whistle and receives a yellow card largely avoidable in this Thionville – OM. 

The Gabonese was very close to doing it again on a twin occasion. the one who had given the first goal for the Olympians. But this time, the former Stéphanois did not find the target on his lob. The Mosellans draw on this end of Thionville – OM. 

15:57 – A new card (69')

Joris Belgacem is already warned in this Thionville – OM a few seconds after coming into play. 

15:55 – A double change for Thionville (68')

Julien François makes a double change in this Thionville – OM with the entries of Habbas and Belgacem &agrav; the place of Baradji and Bourgeois. 

15:54 – Nadir is warned (67')

Collet makes a sublime release but is chased by Nadir who is guilty of a foul from behind. Romain Lissorgue releases the second yellow of this Thionville – OM. 

15:53 ​​- Kondogbia must make a mistake (65')

Gourichy uses his talent to eliminate Nadir then Kondogbia but the Marseille midfielder begins to attack ; the fault to put an end to à the breakthrough of the Thionville winger. 

Çmade 1-0 for Marseille in this Thionville – OM ! Aubameyang is launched in depth by Veretout and deceives Junker with a subtle sharpness. The Phocéens can breathe even if nothing has been done yet. 

The Thionville environment has not not let go Veretout and ended up getting a goal kick after yet another sacrifice while Clauss had found the goalkeeper. his midfield teammate. Marseille pushes in this Thionville – OM but falls on a wall. 

15:47 – Ruben Blanco clears (60 ')

Long through ball which surprises Balerdi but Gourichy cannot benefit from it because Blanco has come out of his area to create space ;apos;order in this Thionville – OM. 

15:46 – Junker still vigilant (59')

Nadir tries to find a teammate in the opposing area but Theo Junker intervenes with both fists and reassures Thionville. 

< h3 class="app_edito_title_2">15:44 – The Thionvilloise defense sacrifices itself (57')

Marseille imposes greater pressure in this second ;th act of Thionville – OM but the Mosellans throw themselves on each ball and manage to win. keep their cage clean. 


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