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Among all the euro coins, one is particularly popular.

It's the dream of many people and some believe in it. However, &agrav; each time, disappointment is the order of the day. Euro coins convey a fantasy to many individuals, who think they have euro coins. (very) high value due to one detail. Problem: Most of the time, only information on the internet was accessed. taken and hopes are quickly reduced to nothing. nil by currency specialists, forced to make customers return to their current account. the reason. Their coins are not worth more than the value written on them. All, or almost.

According to several numismatists, there is only one euro coin with a very high value. When some say that the presence of an S in a star is a guarantee of rarity, others praise a typo to raise the stakes. egrave;res… But that’s not the case. The professionals are formal:   if the coin is not sealed in a box, it cannot be worth several thousand euros.

The only real euro coin that has a colossal value is that of 2 euros to 500 euros. the effigy of Grace Kelly. On the back side of this piece of copper, zinc and nickel, is represented. the bust of the woman who was the Princess of Monaco between 1956 and 1982 and mother of the current Prince Albert II. This special edition has been released. designed in 2007, à on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his death, and was not celebrated shot that'à 20,001,copies (including 1 for the prince).

But it is not a coin put into circulation to be able to pay for one's baguette. Indeed, due to its low mintage, it is sold locked up. ;e in a capsule, itself placed inside the capsule. inside its original box, red and sealed. the effigy of Monaco. She has also been involved in research. created with a special strike, the 'universal brilliance' strike (BU).

This 2 euro coin is worth a fortune thanks to its special design

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To acquire one, it is better to go to a professional and not be lured on online classified ads sites. However, it is necessary& ;nbsp;&be ready ê write a large check to hold it: impossible to obtain it in exchange for another 2 euro coin. Numismatists display it between 3000 and 4500 euros, even without its original box. However, when it was broadcast, it was only worth " 110 euros. Its rarity, but also “because it's Grace Kelly”, caused prices to jump, and also boosted because it was the first The first commemorative coin released by Monaco.

The principality has been required since 2013 to release a new one every year, without exceeding 15,000 copies, precise Nice-Matin. For the record, these coins are minted in France, in France. Pessac, near Bordeaux. France has been producing the currency of the small state since 1837.

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