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This $699 pin allows you to communicate with ChatGPT

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In recent years, we have seen highly advanced voice-controlled devices invade homes. We are of course talking here about connected speakers like those from Amazon, Google or Apple. However, apart from the presence of voice assistants on smartphones, there really wasn't a weareable device that really allowed you to do everything you could do. on mobile (and more), only by voice.

It is precisely this gap that the startup Humane intends to fill with its Humane Pin. Concretely, it is a discreet wearable that is worn on clothing with a magnetic system. The magnet, hidden behind the clothes, also acts as a battery. The first kit marketed at $699includes two “battery booster” allowing you to instantly benefit from autonomy when you become stranded. For a total of, according to the brand, “perpetual autonomy, for as long as you want”.

The ultimate Star Trek communicator becomes reality, thanks to to Humane and OpenAI

The Pin itself is equipped with various sensors, such as cameras, depth of field sensors, microphones, and a speaker that the company has called “Personic Speaker”. Pin is designed around a Qualcomm chip, which integrates connection to cellular networks and Bluetooth connectivity. There is, moreover, no screen – except an indicator light to indicate when the microphones are active, and a laser projector to quickly display information on your hand.

To use the Humane Pin, you must subscribe to a Humane Subscription subscription at $24 per month. Subscription that includes cellular data on the US T-Mobile network, a phone number, and access to ChatGPT. Because the Humane Pin frees itself from the limitations of voice assistants that we had seen brands market until now in their products.

You can ask it to do just about anything, including taking a photo, video, or playing music on Tidal. One of its strengths is the “translator” function. which is directly implemented in the chip, to translate in real time what a person tells you. For privacy reasons, there is no wake word by default (but it is still possible to configure one). Instead, you have to (among other modalities) touch the badge, a bit like the Star Trek actors with the communicator they wear on their costume. Or make a gesture evoking the selection gesture of Apple Vision Pro headsets.

The video integrated into this article gives an illustration of its capabilities, and in particular the interactions with the device and the device. ;interest of its very advanced AI functionalities. Pre-orders for the Humane Ai Pin begin on November 16, 2023 according to the firm's website, with first deliveries in early 2024. For the moment, the device is exclusively available in the United States. Availability in other markets including France is currently a well-kept secret – the schedule depends, among other things, on the manufacturing complexities for this young startup, as well as the partnerships that Humane can establish with foreign operators.

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