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This Apple Plans error causes small merchants to lose thousands of euros

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Like Google Maps, Apple Maps has become an essential application for many users. In addition to providing us with directions, these applications give us all the information we need about restaurants, cafes, tobacconists and other places of interest. Hours, menus, reviews… What would we do without all this essential information just a click away ?

While Google Maps is in the process of rolling out a crucial improvement for restaurant listings, Apple Maps is not necessarily the business of small merchants. Indeed, Apple's mapping application wrongly indicated the permanent closure of several establishments. Enough to cause affected restaurateurs to lose several thousand euros.

Big losses of income because of Apple Plans

< p>Obviously, when an establishment is marked as “permanently closed” on one of the most popular navigation applications, this is not without consequences. Unfortunately, the owners of the Pum’s Kitchen restaurant in Australia paid the price. From the end of November and throughout December, Chris and Pum Pyatt noticed a sharp drop in attendance at their restaurant. Without really understanding it…

Everything becomes clearer for them when a regular at their establishment calls them. The loyal customer then asks them the reasons for this permanent closure of the restaurant. This is how the owners of Pum’s Kitchen realized that their restaurant was marked as permanently closed on Apple Maps. Wrongly!

According to the restaurateurs, this error had serious consequences on their income. Thus, Chris Pyatt speaks of almost 12,000 euros less turnover. To resolve this mistake, it was not so simple. Indeed, the Cupertino company was not immediately inclined to correct the error. The owner of the restaurant had the misfortune of not having an Apple product…

After the creation of a professional account and the intervention of journalists from the media ABC to modify the restaurant's profile on the application, the owners of Pum's Kitchen did not were not at the end of their troubles. As the media explains, the restaurant's pin was not placed in the right place on the navigation application. Here again, this caused restaurant owners to lose valuable customers.

Unfortunately, the misadventure of the owners of Pum’s Kitchen is far from isolated. In fact, several restaurateurs and people at the head of small establishments regularly complain about Apple Plans. Whether it's bad hours, an incorrect telephone number or an inaccurate location, Apple's application is often singled out by professionals. Despite multiple reports, problems persist. It seems that the Cupertino company places more importance on the information given by users than by owners.

  • Apple Plans sometimes makes mistakes
  • And this can be costly for small businesses
  • Several establishments see their information incorrect , which causes their income to drop

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