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This beach is superb but you now have to pay to access it, the prices for this summer are known

This Mediterranean island paradise is taking steps to protect its most popular beaches. Here are the access conditions and prices for enjoying a swim this summer.

Once again this year, the Mediterranean is ready to take off. attract millions of tourists from all over the world and in particular many Europeans always charmed by its sun, its turquoise waters and its fine sandy beaches. Among the most popular destinations, Sardinia has stood out for several years. The small Italian island offers stunning landscapes. breathtaking views and beautiful, preserved coves. Alas, this popularity has a price: overtourism threatens the fragile balance of these unique ecosystems and attendance has been increasing in recent years. eacute;es begins at be felt on the island, saturated with tourists in the summer.

Face &agrav; With the growing influx of visitors, the Sardinian authorities have decided to take action. to take measures to protect their most emblematic beaches. Since 2021, access to some sites are limited in number of people per day, and prices have been adjusted. established for parking and entry to the beach. 2024 will be no exception since access to some beaches will still be regulated. precisely this summer.

Among the gems affected by these rules is the superb beach of Punta Molentis, located in the Villasimius region, in the south-east of the island. #39;&here. Known for its translucent water with bluish reflections and its fine sand, this beach offers a spectacle worthy of the most beautiful lagoons of the South Seas. Snorkeling enthusiasts will find what they are looking for here, since Punta Molentis is located in the heart of a protected marine area. There are therefore many tourists there à want to observe fish and marine fauna.

This beach is superb but you now have to pay to access it, the prices for this summer are known

But to preserve this little paradise, we will now have to organize ourselves and put our hands in our wallets! Once again this summer, Punta Molentis will only be able to accommodate 600 people per day, including 200 parking spaces. Prices vary depending on the means of transport: 10 euros for a car, 5 euros for a motorcycle and 15 euros for a camper van. À This is in addition to an entry ticket of between 1 and 3 euros per person depending on the period. Visitors who arrive on the island by boat may also have limited time available. on site.

To reserve your place, it is best to register on the Pass Villasimius website and follow an online procedure. Reservations are possible until 3:00 p.m. midnight the day before the desired date, but be careful: past After this time, it will no longer be possible to cancel or modify your reservation. Places are limited, so it's best to book early. in advance because coming there & The unexpected will often mean a U-turn and canceled swimming. At the entrance, guards control attendance and can prohibit access once the gauge is reached.

Other emblematic Sardinian beaches are affected by these measures, such as La Pelosa in the north (500 visitors at a time) or those of San Teodoro (capacity set at a little more than 4,700 people distributed between the two most popular beaches). Là also, it is better to book your ticket online, at the price of two euros.

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