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This button lets you Quickly avoid being dazzled by headlights at night, it will change your life

Driving at night requires increased vigilance and can quickly cause a certain fatigue. But there is a simple trick that could bring more comfort to your life. your next night trips.

What's more annoying than the reflection of a headlight in your central rearview mirror? In the dark, it is always more difficult for humans to perceive details and colors. This is all the more true behind the wheel of a car where the images scroll in accelerated fashion. This is particularly why driving after dark requires more attention.

More attention therefore more fatigue, especially since another factor amplifies the phenomenon: at night, the lights dazzle, those of street lamps, traffic lights but essentially those projected by other vehicles. In a built-up area, or on a congested road, it is possible to be the target of around a hundred headlights at the same time. me time. For the driver, focused on the road, the light reflected in the mirror has the effect of a flash, which can blind the most sensitive eyes for a few moments.

Car manufacturers know this very well and have long developed technology to improve night driving comfort. You may already have noticed There was a small lever located just under the interior rearview mirror of your car. But did you have the curiosity? to shoot it? If so, you have discovered the day/night function of the central rearview mirror. What does it consist of? Day mode allows the light from the rear-view mirror to be reflected as much as possible towards the driver's eyes. Conversely, night mode (once the lever is pulled) is used to activate the night mode. reduce the dazzling effect of headlights.

To understand the process, you already need to understand the process. know that the central rearview mirror of a car is made up of a mirror and a window, The difference between the two exterior mirrors consists solely of a mirror. And this is the orientation of the mirror, placed behind the window, which will allow you to play on the lighting effect of the rear-view mirror. In day mode, the mirror and the window are parallel. Light rays pass through the window, reflect in the mirror and are reflected back into the driver's eyes.

When the lever is pulled, the position of the mirror changes. It is then oriented upwards and returns the majority of the light beams towards the ceiling of the passenger compartment of your vehicle. The window only reflects the equivalent of 10% of the light received, which considerably reduces its intensity. The driver can then look at the road without being dazzled by the headlights of the cars behind. You will no longer have any reason or excuses not to take your car after dark.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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