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This car seat is very well rated by users but here is why you should definitely not buy it

Very appreciated. by users, this car seat for children has just been rejected. à a test carried out among around thirty models.

Security is predominant by car. Even more so when transporting infants or young children. This is why it is very important to always find out carefully before purchasing a car seat which, let us remember, is compulsory in France for everyone. children under 10 years old. Especially since the offer on the market is is large and it is very difficult to form your own opinion the first time you have to equip yourself to ensure safety. and the comfort of your child when traveling by car.

To help the consumer To see more clearly, car seats from the main brands are frequently subject to tests which, ultimately, award results allowing classification to be made. Recently, no fewer than 30 car seats from different brands have been sold. subject to tests carried out by the Touring Club Suisse, an association which brings together around 1.5 million members and whose objective is to represent the interests of drivers and mobility. individual. Safety, ergonomics, use…many criteria have been considered. scrutinized. At the end of the various examinations, 21 car seats received the “highly recommended” rating. and 7 received the “recommended” rating. Only two were released. deemed "not recommended".

These are two car seats branded Maxi-Cosi, a brand which belongs to the Dutch group Dorel and which established itself in France in 2021. The Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 ;Pro, sold between 270 and 300 euros, and the Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro + Family Fix 360 Pro, the latter is in fact the same seat as the first but associated with it. à a base to slide it on. Surprise, Maxi-Cosi nevertheless enjoys an excellent reputation. The different opinions found here and there on the net confirm it, like this message left by Fayza on the consobaby.com website. ''The Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro car seat is really very practical. I use it for my 20-month-old daughter and I am very satisfied, because the seat rotates 36/7. 360°, I no longer have this problem getting my daughter out of the seat. It's super comfortable for long journeys, it's easy to carry. comfortable in it. It can be placed with its base which attaches to the car. The seat has a soft, easy-to-clean fabric. clean.''

So why did these car seats, renowned for their very practical appearance and very popular with consumers, fail? to the practical test by the Swiss association? It's not about the security aspect – most important for parents – that they have been taken from default. But these new models, which have arrived on the market in 2023, have left Traces of naphthalene, a substance classified as a possible carcinogen, may appear. As a moth and insect repellent, particularly to protect clothing and woolen items, this compound is used as a moth and insect repellent. chemical is considered as toxic and was treated spotted in the upholstery fabrics of the Maxi-Cosi Pebble 360 Pro seats. Obviously, the user cannot notice it, but even if these seats only contain a small quantity of plastic. of naphthalene, good health is also at stake. of your children.

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