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This case made in France protects you from attacks: how does it work?

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The anti-aggression smartphone case that protects you physically, in addition to protecting your smartphone, exists. It is even French, since this product is offered by the startup Safee. Launched a few days ago, this case does not include a weapon, but still allows you to protect yourself in the event of attack.

How does it work? The Safee case includes a case with a button. In the event of an attack, the user presses it three times, which triggers an alarm of 130 decibels. And if this alarm is not enough to discourage the attacker, the shell also launches a video broadcast on its application, as well as sending a notification to emergency contacts. Finally, the evidence collected using this device is then available on the Safee application.

  • French startup Safee transforms your smartphone into an anti- attack
  • The product is made up of a case, a shell (optional) and an application
  • In the event of attack, the user presses a button three times button on the case
  • This triggers a 130 decibel alarm as well as other features on the app (including video streaming and recording of evidence)
  • Safee has already been awarded at CES 2023

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