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This disturbing revelation from an influencer about her job

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With nearly a million subscribers, Ana Wolfermann is a TikTok star. After several years of working as an influencer, the Venezuelan-American nevertheless wants to warn the general public about this very little-known profession and which is the object of many fantasies.

An inconvenient truth

While many young people dream of pursuing this profession, she admitted during an interview told Fortune that being an influencer had obvious advantages:

Part of the reason so many people idolize social media and want to make it their full-time job is because it pays so well and offers so many incredible opportunities. That's why there's so much power in this area, and there's a lot of money in business and marketing, and certainly [more] than any other job that I could have gotten as a recent graduate.

However, she wants to send a warning to all those who wish to achieve this profession: “I felt myself becoming more superficial… my content had nothing to do with my life. I want to draw attention to this because I think many young girls idolize the idea of ​​sharing their lives on the Internet. You will end up becoming obsessed with yourself because you– what you do, who you hang out with, what you look like – will become your priority. It's a bit dystopian.

A profession that is too little known ?

The message has been sent, and it is important to remind all users of these platforms and particularly to the youngest. As a reminder, this is far from the first time that this unhappiness has been mentioned.

In a survey we told you about in 2019, 32% influencers claimed to have a negative image of their body. “For anyone working as or alongside the influencing profession, this report should hopefully serve as a wake-up call to learn more about mental health problems”, emphasized to Inspire, Marie Mostad d'Inzpire.me.

And, while the general public is convinced that influencers make money easily, 76% of influencers worked another job in parallel to support themselves. However, they devoted 30 hours per week on average to their activity, which results in very busy daily schedules. You can find this study in more detail in our dedicated article here.

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