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This electric bike can reach 130 km/h but you won't be able to do it ;buy

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Retired since 2013, former professional cyclist Andrey Kashechkin is not ready to abandon the little queen. Indeed, the athlete plans to create an electric bicycle racing championship on closed circuits. After almost a decade of working on it, the Electro Tour was never close to seeing the light of day.

But to race on closed circuits, you need electric bikes that go fast. Very quickly. Andrey Kashechkin is developing a model capable of reaching 130 km/h. This prototype has already been tested in real conditions, on the Monaco Circuit. And his dad is very proud of it.

Riding at 130 km/h on an electric bike is possible

In May 2023, Andrey Kashechkin unveiled the prototype of his electric car on the sidelines of the Monaco Formula E race. On his electric bike, the athlete was able to complete a lap of the circuit in 3:38.833. If the model can usually reach 130 km/h in a straight line, it was content with a peak of 91 km/h on the roads of Monaco. The result is impressive! Because yes, it is indeed a question of an electrically assisted bicycle.

Thus, the riders must pilot the car. To guarantee the safety of athletes, Andrey Kashechkin says he has thought of everything. We will not equip ourselves in the same way for the Tour de France and for the Electro Tour. Helmets, suits, shoes and even airbags… All specific equipment will be mandatory for the safety of the runners. With electric bikes capable of going up to 130 km/h, this promises stunning dynamic races.

The Electro Tour will bring together 12 teams of 4 riders, 3 regulars and a guest. Ideally, Andrey Kashechkin would like to break up the weekend with a time trial on Saturday and the famous race on Sunday. The latest news is that the Electro Tour should be able to take place next year, in 2024. But the former professional cyclist is still looking for sponsors and partners, the key to such a championship.

But how much does such a fast electric bike cost? Unfortunately, the mystery lingers. Andrey Kashechkin confirms that “ordinary mortals” will not be able to climb on his car which can climb to 130 km/h. It is indeed a competition bike which was not designed for the general public. Too bad, thrill-seekers will have to do without.

  • Andrey Kashechkin wants to create an electric bike racing championship on closed circuits
  • He is developing a electric bike capable of reaching 130 km/h
  • The Electro Tour should be launched in 2024

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