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This exoskeleton works thanks to AI and almost turns you into a superhero

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If the Wandercraft exoskeleton is aimed more at people in rehabilitation or with disabilities, it is designed especially for outdoor activities and sport. The Dnsys The start-up that markets it, Dnsys, has already collected 76,819 euros out of the 4,681 requested.

A design combining power and lightness

The Dnsys X1 weighs approximately 1.6 kg and can deliver 900 watts of energy in mode boost to the person wearing it, or 1.2 hp. Theoretically, this would allow the wearer to run up to 26.9 km/h. In comparison, the fastest man on earth, Usain Bolt, runs at a top speed of 37.58 km/h and a half marathon runner averages about 16 km/h.< /p>

Its range is 25 km and would save 50% of its user's energy , which equates to a reduction of 38 kg in the mass you have to lift while moving. However, the Dnsys X1 does not work only thanks to its motor, its secret lies elsewhere. It can be summed up in two words: artificial intelligence.

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Advanced algorithms and energy management

To function, the exoskeleton Dnsys X1 uses complex AI algorithms, analyzing the user's leg position in real time and interpreting their movement intentions. Thanks to this technology, it permanently synchronizes the motor power delivered with the rhythm and movements of the user, thus optimizing the assistance provided.

It also benefits from fast charging technology, giving it the ability to regain about 20% battery in just 8 mins of charging. Like the regenerative braking that can be found on electric cars, it is also equipped with different kinetic energy recovery systems. A design that maximizes battery life during prolonged use.

The promises put forward by Dnsys are, it must be said, quite impressive. However, let's keep in mind that the project is still only a prototype and that its actual performance will need to be evaluated when it is placed on the market. If it ever happens of course! It also remains to be seen whether it will find its audience.

  • The Dnsys 62~It is equipped with a motor that can deliver up to 1.2 hp of power, thus relieving its user during physical activity.
  • It also works thanks to AI algorithms which constantly analyze the movements of its wearer.

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