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This flour should not be consumed: 49 people poisoned in Brittany

The contamination of several packages of buckwheat flour caused the outbreak. the poisoning of 49 people, including 5 children, in Brittany, alerted the Regional Health Agency Breton.

In a press release; dated from April 26, 2024, the Regional Health Agency de Bretagne reports food poisoning linked to the consumption of certain batches of wheat flour; organic black from the JP Cloteau brand. Wheat flour; black which can be found in particular in stores specializing in organic farming products in the four Breton departments. The recall comes after several reports of food poisoning, caused by the presence of datura in wheat seeds. black.

"ARS Bretagne received 11 reports between April 15 and April 29, 2024: they concern 49 poisoned people including 5 children, says the agency. Two people were arrested. hospitalized with "a &eac;favorable evolution" and three others went to the emergency room for “a few hours for monitoring”, according to BFMTV. launched on the Rappel Conso website by inviting consumers to check if they have wheat flour. organic black from the JP Cloteau brand bearing batch number 2A, & preferably consume before March 2025. "If you have a product with this batch number, you must absolutely not consume it", recalls l'ARS.

Many symptoms

Datura stramonium, also known as  "devil's plant" is a very common herb that can be brought to bear. grow in wheat fields; black. As the Regional Health Agency reminds us, datura naturally contains very high levels of tropane alkaloids (atropine and scopolamine). These alkaloids are toxic and have effects on the nervous system. This plant can contaminate certain crops and be dangerous. the origin of acute poisonings. The symptoms caused by the consumption of this plant may be the following: hallucinations, dry mouth, spatio-temporal disorientation, pupils dilated, visual disturbances, tachycardia, agitation, confusion.

Buyers who hold a loyalty card have been é contacted individually. Others are invited to join us. return the product to the store so that it can be destroyed. If the product is consumed and one of the symptoms appears, you should contact your doctor or doctor. 15.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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