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This food that we all have on our plates makes driving easier when it rains

It is found in almost every kitchen but did you know that this product is also very useful in the car ?

Winter sets in, the cold arrives and, with it, comes the nightmare of many motorists: the car that won't start, the ice icing up. remove in the morning, the headlights à check and mist… What's more dangerous than driving a car with poor visibility? Yet it arrives à Many motorists start their car while the windshield is still very foggy. Misting forms on the surface of the window when its temperature is below 0°C. that of ambient humid air.

This is called condensation and it is a phenomenon that occurs very often on autumn and fall days. ;winter on vehicles that are "sleeping" out. But often, caught up in the weather in the morning, motorists choose to drive for a few minutes with a window full of fog rather than waiting for the air to clear from the roadways. ;#39;aeration heats up and completely defogs the windows.

To avoid the risk of causing a stupid accident, there is a tip that will also save you time if you are in a bit of a hurry. To do this, you need to go to your pantry to grab a… potato. But this time there is no question of making fries. This starchy food, very popular with of the French çais – whose average consumption is between 20 and 30 kilos per year – has several virtues thanks to the starch it contains. One of these qualities is to prevent fog from settling on the windows.

For its application, nothing could be simpler, all you need to do is cut the potato in half then rub the flesh of the potato on the # 39;integrity of your interior windows. Then, wipe with a dry cloth to remove all the small residues. The layer of starch thus spread will create a thin protective film which will not allow any damage to occur. mist from settling on the windows. This approved technique is available for use only. renew after a few weeks. It costs nothing, takes about ten minutes, the time needed to scrub all the interior windows of your vehicle, and will especially save you time in the morning. ;nbsp;! Not to mention the reduced risk of hitting a sidewalk or, more seriously, hitting another vehicle for having driven "& the blind man.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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