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This hidden option can double the speed of your phone in seconds

Your phone no longer loads internet pages as usual. its beginnings? It seems more and more slow to you? A trick hidden in the parameters will fix everything…ccedil ;has.

Customers' desire for change and performance or manufacturers' manipulation ? In any case, we are changing mobile phones more and more often. The latest smartphones are sold every year in versions that are more aesthetic and faster than their predecessors, which seem to be less expensive. they run out of steam strangely after a few years or even a few months of use.

Today, it is estimated that the average lifespan of a cell phone is between two and a half and three years. And it all depends of course on the engine of the machine which is the operating system (OS for short). Among the most known to the general public, Android is undoubtedly the one that most equips our devices today. In addition to the Google Pixel, the latter powers phones from several other brands, such as Samsung, which has once again become the leading seller of phones in the world. With 21% market share in the first quarter of 2024, the company was ahead of its rival, Apple, which represented 17.3%.

If iOS, the iPhone's operating system, is often criticized, Android smartphones are not. free from numerous defects. It is clear that over time, some become less effective than before. their beginnings and many users complain about the decline in performance of their devices, without knowing the reasons. However, there is an unstoppable method to boost your Android phone.

This hidden option can double the speed of your phone in seconds

The steps to follow follow to enable "developer mode” © Nathan Gofron

To do this, you need to open the Settings of your device, then select at the very bottom of your About phone screen. Then, you must press Software information then click à seven times on the version number. Simply confirm the activation of the developer options by typing your unlock code. A message “you are now a developer”, will be communicated to you. This way, you have access to dedicated options. But this is only the first step.

If you wish,  It is possible to adjust the animation speeds of your smartphone. To do this, you must go to the System tab of the parameters list and locate the section "animation" . Three parameters are available. you: Window animation scale, transition animation scale and duration scale. #39;animation. Tap the first option and adjust the default scale from 1x to 1x. 0.5x. Do the same with the following ones. Reducing the scale should make it more accurate. your phone and its smoothness.

Other tips, better known and simpler, can help you gain speed. Free up your smartphone's storage when needed, make sure you have it ready. don't leave too many tabs open on the internet, ' make bets à update the applications as well as the system, and think about it. install an antivirus. 

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