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This is how WhatsApp helps you reply to all your messages

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Available on both Android and iOS, WhatsApp is today one of the best alternatives to SMS. And if it is already one of the most used apps in the world, the Meta group continues to improve it to make it more practical for users. For example, this week, WhatsApp finally adopted a filtering system to allow users to better manage their inboxes.

A filter for unread messages

In the Discussions section of the app, new All, Unread, and Groups buttons appear at the top of the screen. When you are on All, the application displays all your discussions. But if you only want to see unread messages, just tap Unread. Thanks to this filter, you are sure not to miss an important message, especially when you receive a lot of them.

This is how WhatsApp helps you reply to all your messages

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Otherwise, as its name suggests, the Group filter allows to highlight group discussions on WhatsApp. “You can now find all your groups in one place and access your favorite discussions easily and quickly, whether you're preparing family dinners or planning your next trip. This filter will also show you the subgroups of your communities”, says WhatsApp, about this button.

More features of this type in sight

The deployment of this new feature began this week, and it should be available for everyone in the coming weeks. Furthermore, Meta's announcement suggests that it is already working on other features that allow you to better sort WhatsApp chats. “We will continue to develop features that allow you to focus on what matters most to you”, we read in the press release.

  • The WhatsApp experience improves with the new filter system that Meta is launching this week
  • It becomes possible to display only unread messages, to ensure that you do not miss an important message
  • There is also a filter which allows you to display only group discussions and community subgroups
  • WhatsApp could also launch other sorting systems, later< /li>

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