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This is why Microsoft will not offer its Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS

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Yesterday evening, Microsoft offered players its “Xbox Podcast”, a highly anticipated event, during which the American firm would unveil “the future of Xbox“. Despite some very pessimistic rumors, Xbox has confirmed its desire to move forward. This will indeed involve the porting of certain exclusive games from the competition, but also through new Xbox machines to come. No, Xbox is not dead then. On this occasion, the group also returned to home cloud gaming on iOS.

No Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS (yet)

In January, Apple announced various changes “to iOS, Safari and the App Store” from March of this year, with the aim of complying, in Europe, with the Digital Markets Act. Changes which will be integrated into the future iOS 17.4, even if Apple has managed to limit the damage by (ab)using all possible workarounds.

Recall that a few weeks ago, Sarah Bond indicated that Apple was on the wrong track with its new AppStore guidelines.

On the Xbox side, the limitations imposed by Apple prevent the American company from being able to properly monetize its activity. Microsoft is not the only one to complain about Apple's new guidelines, this is also the case for other tech giants, such as Epic Games and Spotify.

This is why Microsoft will not offer its Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS

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We do not have the ability to monetize Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS. I think Apple's proposal doesn't go far enough to accommodate competition” said Phil Spencer in the columns of the American magazine The Verge.

For the record, Xbox Cloud Gaming is still available from Apple, in the form of a web app via Safari. However, with the future iOS 17.4 (which will notably bring something new to our texting), Apple will put an end to these same web apps in Europe.

The future iOS will in fact prevent these applications from launching in their own window, with progressive web apps which will (re)become Internet shortcuts.

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