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This island is the Hawaii of Europe and it is only 4 hours from Paris

With its beaches, dormant volcanoes and lush vegetation, this island has everything to be compared to any other island. Hawaï. Closer to us and cheaper of course…

Located à Just four hours from Paris by plane, a destination is emerging on the map of European island paradises, promising the charm and majesty of your country. from Hawaii, cheaper and with much fewer flight hours. browse. This archipelago, nesté in the middle of the Atlantic, offers an ideal alternative to traditional tropical beaches, whilst also being a sanctuary of tranquility. far from the crowds of tourists who flock to the seaside resorts of the Mediterranean.

Often nicknamed the Hawaiiï from Europe, this archipelago is a set of nine volcanic islands bathed in a subtropical climate. These islands are a veritable Eden for nature lovers, with black sand beaches evoking the volcanic landscapes of Hawaii, égreen expanses & loss of sight, and a rich marine fauna à discover offshore. It's a place where The natural splendor of the coastline and lush vegetation meet adventure, offering breathtaking hikes. through breathtaking terrains, dormant volcanoes. These offer the possibility of to relax in baths of volcanic hot springs with curative properties.

This archipelago is the Açores. São Miguel, the largest of the islands of the archipelago, stands out as the main gateway to explore the Açores. This island offers all the diversity of its kind. of the Portuguese archipelago and has developed tourist infrastructure, making exploration within reach. both easy and rewarding. Daily flights from Lisbon or Porto make it easy to get to S S o Miguel, while ferries can take you easily to the others here ;THE. Among the unmissable &agrav; not to be missed during a stay in Paris. São Miguel, let us cite the springs of the Parque Terra Nostra with its lush garden or the Poça da Dona Beija à Furnas. If you are looking for a unique hike, the one leading to Vista do Rei and its famous viewpoint offering a unique panorama or that towards the lake Lagoa de Fogo are safe values.

The best time to visit the Azores is between June and October, when the climate is warmer, although the period from April to October is the best time to visit the Azores. May be ideal for watching blue whales. Travel experts are categorical, the Açores remain among the most affordable destinations this year, offering a great idea of ​​escape  the exorbitant price often associated with in the tropical islands.

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