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Limiting your meat consumption is recommended; by doctors, but not all meats have the same effects on the body. Which is the least good for health?

A type of meat is singled out by experts, who consider that consuming it in excess is bad for your health. ;eacute;. For once, it's not just about red meat. If its over-consumption is   avoided due to its negative impact on health, we now know that another type of meat, certainly even more eaten, is. ;#39;one of the significant causes in the development of certain cancers.

This meat is certainly one of the most consumed in the world. Available in the form of sausage, ham, salami, bolognese or nuggets, it is an integral part of the diet of Western countries, i.e. is also the queen of fast food and food across the Atlantic. That said, our American neighbors are not the only ones facing problems. put &agrav; harm their health by consuming it. In France, at least 94% of the population consumes it once a week in the form of cold meats, and at least one young person (18-24 years old) in two consumes it in the form of processed dishes. However, more and more doctors are warning about the health risks linked to this disease. even light consumption of this meat.

It is found in prepared dishes, and in most of the food sections of your supermarket: this meat is & ;quot;processed meat", which is according to nutritionists, by far, the worst meat for your health, ahead of red meat, when you eat too much of it.&nbsp ;The main reason is precisely in its transformation and in its composition, whatever form it takes. There are sometimes very numerous additives and chemical products which can contribute to the development of chronic diseases, chronic diseases and other diseases. the cause of 74% of deaths worldwide according to the World Health Organization.

This meat is the worst for health according to doctors

The idea that manufacturers put chicks in a blender to make nuggets is actually not true. not so exaggerated. The making of the   Processed meat is not very tasty. Listen to the United States Department of Agriculture, which explains, for example, that the sausages that are used in hot dogs are made by drilling bones, to which edible meat is attached, and making hot dogs. pass &agrav; great pressure &agrav; through a sieve or similar device to separate the bones from the meat tissue.

Processed meats are in fact pieces of meat (red or white meat) to which have been processed. added animal fats as well as preservatives and which were then processed. cooked, dried, or smoked properly be able to extend their retention date. One of the problems with this type of meat is that it contains nitrates and nitrites which once in the body can cause dinner ;development of numerous cancers and even a form of dementia, in the event of excessive consumption.

Health authorities recommend avoiding processed meats because from 25 grams of processed meat consumed, the risk of cancer increases . However, in charcuterie alone, French people eat on average 288 grams of processed meat per week, according to a survey ;te de Behavior and food consumption in France (CCAF) dating from 2016.

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