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This new battery recharges in 5 minutes, a revolution for electric cars ?

This new battery could revolutionize electric cars thanks to ultra-fast charging time.

Imagine an electric car that could recharge in as little time as it takes to fill up with gas. Obviously, this would undoubtedly reshuffle the market cards even further. of the automobile which has already largely damaged its mutation in recent years. Today, approximately one in five new cars sold runs on fuel. electricity In France. But for many users, those who are still hesitant to choose go from thermal & electric, battery life remains the main obstacle to taking the plunge.

If the progress in terms of kilometers traveled on a single charge is significant – count on average for the new models 300 kilometers for a small city car and 500 kilometers for a small city car and 500 kilometers for a small city car. 600 kilometers for a sedan or SUV – the charging time still discourages many potential buyers. But a big development could soon change the situation. American researchers have recently developed a battery capable of recharging in less than…5 minutes! Ultra-fast charging likely to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry.

Currently, in the best case scenario, you need to plug in a car for at least 15 minutes to restore 100% charge. But it's very often much longer, especially with the terminals available at home. residence. The Renault Zoe E-Tech, one of the pioneers on the market. French, for example, needs almost 10 hours to stock up on watts with a wall-mounted charging station that can be found almost everywhere. The new battery manufactured at the university from Cornell, near Chicago, & with the help of a new component, indium, associated with à Lithium-ion battery cells, would allow the Zoé (and a whole bunch of other models) over a hundred times faster!

The researchers, however, still need to refine their finding. Because if indium, frequently used, for touch screens and solar panels, promotes rapid charging and storage of batteries, it has the disadvantage of being heavy. Obviously, this does not mix well with the will of others. car manufacturers to reduce the weight of their vehicles as much as possible. Today, an electric car already weighs more than 100,000 people. on average 25 à 35% heavier than a thermal car. Integrating even heavier batteries would therefore not make sense for manufacturers. But they now know that there is a way to save considerable time recharging them. Rest à find a metal that would share the same characteristics of indium while being lighter. 

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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