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This new mandatory speed limiter in your car is not going to please you

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Get ready, motorists, because a major change is coming to European roads. From July 1, all new vehicles sold in the European Union must be equipped with an Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance (ISA) system. This technology, which aims to automatically limit vehicle speed, is part of the “Zero Vision” plan of the EU. Objective: eliminate road deaths by 2050.

How ISA works?

ISA uses a combination of GPS data and cameras to constantly monitor the vehicle's speed and compare it to the limits in force. If you exceed the authorized speed, the system warns you with an audible and visual signal. If you ignore these warnings, The ISA may reduce engine power or increase resistance on the accelerator pedal to force you to slow down.

< p>Although the aim of the ISA is to save lives, its introduction sparks debate. Some motorists see this technology as an attack on their freedom of driving and fear that it is too intrusive. Discussions about the possibility of disabling or bypassing the system have already emerged on online forums.

A major security issue

Despite criticism, the EU believes that the ;ISA could reduce the number of deaths on European roads by 20%. Faced with this major security issue, European regulators are determined to impose this technology.

The introduction of the ISA marks a turning point in the fight against speeding. While the transition to this new technology is likely to be turbulent, it could help make European roads safer for everyone.

In 2023, in France, lroads outside urban areas recorded 59% of deaths and 48% of serious injuries according to Security figures road. On motorways, 273 people died (21 fewer killed than in 2022 but 10 more killed than in 2019), 1,100 were seriously injured (an increase of +2% compared to 2022). Figures which weigh in favor of the European authorities, determined to achieve their objective of zero deaths by 2050.

    < li>Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance (ISA) becomes mandatory on all new vehicles sold in the EU from July 1.
  • This system aims to automatically limit vehicle speeds to reduce the number of fatal accidents.
  • The ISA is causing debate, with some motorists considering it as a violation of their freedom of conduct. But the 2023 road safety figures weigh in favor of the European authorities.

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