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This new radar arrives on our roads from January – fines of 135 euros will drop

“This new radar is arriving on our roads from January – fines of 135 euros will drop”

A new type of radar will be installed on the side of our roads at the beginning of 2024. Fines are expected to increase.

And one more radar! Twenty years after the first, installed on the Nationale 20 in Essonne, a new type of radar will be installed on the side of our roads from the first days of 2024. mission à he will not be able to calculate the speed of the cars that will pass in front of him, like the first machines manufactured at the beginning of the 21st century. Increasingly sophisticated, new generation radars offer increased possibilities that are no longer limited to identify drivers guilty of speeding.

This is the case of thermal radar which will be tested. for the first time in France & from January. This new technological tool is equipped with sensors sensitive to infrared rays which allow it to detect the number of people nearby. inside each vehicle. To what end ? That of determining whether motorists respect traffic in carpool lanes. Inaugurated in France at the end of 2020, on the French side from Grenoble, these carpooling lanes à aim to decongest the main roads around large cities to reduce CO2 emissions.

However, despite this the creation of a new traffic sign – the famous white triangle on a blue background or the bright white diamond on a black background above certain lanes –, traffic in these carpool lanes is still too little respected according to the forces of the # 39;order. As a reminder, these lanes are reserved for vehicles with at least two occupants. edge, &agrav; those with a Crit'Air 0  sticker – i.e. all electric and hydrogen vehicles regardless of the number of occupants -, to vehicles ;emergency and public transport vehicles, taxis (even empty) and motorcycles & condition of being & two on top.

If you drive alone in a carpool lane with your thermal or even hybrid car, you are therefore outlawed. Until then, only conventional cameras could detect infractions. Starting next month, two new generation thermal radars will be tested at the airport. Lyon, on the M6 and M7 axes, in both directions of traffic (around the Fourvière tunnel).

The infrared camera will be able to detect the number of people in each vehicle traveling in the carpool lane. If it only spots one then the radar will take a photo of the license plate. After checks, carried out by the Lyon municipal police, according to information revealed by Le Figaro, a fine will be sent to the fraudsters.

And the bill will be very steep for the free riders. The Highway Code provides for a fine of 135 euros, reduced to 135 euros. 90 euros if paid within 15 days. These new automatic radars are being brought to life. deploy fairly quickly in large cities, as in Lille, Strasbourg and soon Paris with the reserved lanes on the ring road for the Olympic Games. The noose will tighten on motorists and we would advise you not to use too many stratagems. These thermal radars have the capacity to to spot "fake" passengers, like a mannequin for example, and see   through the tinted windows. To avoid getting caught, the best thing will be, as always, to respect the rules of the Highway Code.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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