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This new radar may give you a cold sweat

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This is a new radar system which may displease many drivers. Our colleagues from Auto Plus thus return to a camera system which was launched in the United Kingdom.

Concretely, the latter is capable of detecting motorists who brake a little too suddenly when approaching a radar. This device has already been tested in Spain, and the experience has proven to be particularly successful. Especially since this device can also see if a car accelerates once it has passed the radar.

Spot excessively sudden accelerations

Ultimately, we can imagine that motorists will anticipate the speed cameras and be more careful over time, even if the zone has been largely passed. A major question now arises, will we see this new anti-braking radar deployed in France soon?

Quoted by Ouest-France in March 2022, Security road traffic has been very clear on this subject: “There are no plans to deploy this type of radar in France. The national strategy concerning radars was defined in 2015, then revised in 2018. There was never any question of anti-braking radars”.

In France, however, radars can now detect fifteen types of offenses, including failure to respect safety distances or even crossing solid lines. Enough to cause some unpleasant surprises among motorists.

As a reminder, our British neighbors are particularly active in this type of device. We spoke to you last August about this new type of radar which caught 1000 motorists violating in just 5 days.

In detail, this system is more like a camera than a radar. Boosted with artificial intelligence, this technology takes photos of the interior of cars. These photos are then studied by the police who check whether there is really an infraction.

This tool can identify whether the driver is checking his phone while driving, or whether all the passengers have with their seat belts fastened.

The head of Cornwall Police's road safety department has warned that he intends to“ use this technology to send a clear message to anyone who uses your smartphone again behind the wheel: you will be caught. » You can reread our article to find out more here.

What to remember:

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  • A new radar is used in the United Kingdom
  • It can spot drivers who brake too suddenly
  • For the moment, Road Safety does not plan to use this device in France
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