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This new unicorn wants to challenge Apple and Meta on augmented reality

The Xreal Air 2 Ultra glasses. © Xreal

With the launch of the Vision Pro headset by Apple, more and more people are interested in augmented reality and virtual reality. And a new unicorn, called Xreal, wants to carve out a place for itself in this very promising market. As Bloomberg reports, it has raised $60 million, for a total of $300 million raised to date (from prestigious investors like Alibaba, Nio Capital and Sequoia). And thanks to this new investment, Xreal would have exceeded a billion dollars in valuation.

Already 350,000 glasses sold

And for the moment, this new unicorn is well positioned to become one of the main players in the AR/VR sector. To date, Xreal has already shipped more than 350,000 augmented reality glasses. While Meta and Apple offer AR and/or VR headsets that work independently, Xreal markets relatively compact glasses that the user connects to their PC or smartphone and which serve as virtual screens.

As Bloomberg explains, Xreal already has the capacity to produce between 500,000 and 1 million glasses this year. However, it needed this new investment to be able to produce up to 2 million units in 2025. In terms of revenue, the Chinese company would expect to generate between $100 million and $150 million. dollars this year. Then, these revenues could reach $300 million in 2025. Otherwise, Xreal already has the ambition to go public within two years.

Very competitive AR glasses

Since they need less computing power, since they connect to computers or smartphones, the Xreal glasses are cheaper, compared to Magic Leap's augmented reality glasses, or compared to the Vision Pro headset from Apple. For example, for 389 euros, the company offers the Xreal Air glasses, which provide a 201-inch virtual screen with a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

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Otherwise, it should be remembered that in addition to competition from Apple and Meta in the field of AR/VR, Xreal will also have to face Samsung. Indeed, it is currently developing an augmented reality product in partnership with Qualcomm and Google.

  • After a new fundraising, Chinese company Xreal becomes a unicorn
  • It sells relatively affordable AR glasses that serve as virtual screens for PCs, smartphones and consoles
  • It plans to increase its production, then enter the stock market within 2 years

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