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This original name will allow this baby to go to the zoo without ever paying

A baby is offered a pass à life in this French zoo for his unusual first name.

It's an urban legend that dies hard: babies born on a plane or on a train in France have the chance to enjoy public transport for free all their lives. In fact, it's it is up to the company to decide whether to offer this type of gift. Other French people have similar privileges: a baby. n&eac; at Puy du Fou à summer 2022 thus has an "eternal pass" for the famous Vendéen park.

A Frenchman has another type of privilege: a travel pass. life in a French zoo! And this time, it's not because he was born within the park. On November 14, 2023, Marine and Aubry Coutant-Georget, a couple from Scaër in Finistère, welcomed their first child after seven years of marriage. hope, including three years of a difficult PMA journey. During the pregnancy, the future parents, however, were unable to achieve this. agree on the baby's first name, a boy, until when a truck crosses their path.

"We were coming out of an ultrasound & Lorient and, in a roundabout, we encounteredé a vehicle Les Terres de Nataé. I said 'this name is great' and we validated straight away", saidé the father, Aubry Coutant-Georget, in an interview given to Télégramme. But this crush on the first name Nataé was not so trivial, because this first name also made them think of the word “natality”. . Indeed, before learning the news of the pregnancy, the couple was preparing to send the mail for the file to be sent ;adoption".

Nataé's parents, nature lovers, were inspired by the Terres de Nataé, an animal park located à Pont-Scorff, in Morbihan in the Brittany region. Ironically, named Pont-Scorff. Nata&eac; as the goddess of nature, the babyé is the only child in France à call yourself that. "According to our research, there is no other Nata' in France, only one in Quebec", explainedé mother Marine Coutant-Georget at Télégramme

"We have beené surprised, but delighted to discover the first name Nataë, what's more, unique in France", the animal park team then announced.  The president and founder of the zoo, Sébastien Musset, who had learned the news thanks to   an employee, made contact with the happy parents and decided to do so. to offer an annual pass & life &agrav; attention of the baby. A very special and generous birth gift that Nata is not ready to forget. As soon as he is old enough to walk, little Nataé can come for a walk à as he pleases in "his" park!

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