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This popular feature will soon be removed from your phone

The next update Updating your phone could well remove a very interesting function. The latter was simply not allowed!

For some time now, a well-known brand of smartphone has had a very practical function: playing YouTube videos in the background. This feature, often ignored by many users, allows you to launch a video of your choice and lock your phone without stopping the playback of this video. last.

On a majority On Android smartphones and iPhones, it is not possible to lock the device when a YouTube video is playing. This cuts off your video so you can't enjoy its audio while putting your phone in your pocket or bag. Unless you own a smartphone from the Xiaomi range! The latter benefit from an option entitled "play the sound of a video with the' ;screen éoff".

This feature unknown to many owners of Xiaomi phones will very soon be purely and simply deleted. Indeed, playing YouTube videos with the screen off is one of the key features of the ;premium subscription of the site. It is therefore counterproductive for a smartphone to offer the same option but directly integrated into it. its system.

This popular feature will soon be removed from your phone

The latest updates Updates to Xiaomi phones therefore remove the function. day in question are as follows:

You can therefore postpone the removal of the feature. by not downloading the update day in question. It is still highly recommended. to keep your smartphone à updated in order to avoid possible bugs and security vulnerabilities. If you still want to be able to use YouTube by locking your smartphone, it is still possible to subscribe to YouTube. the YouTube Premium offer for 12.99 euros per month without commitment. The first month is free.

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