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Thousands of motorists are receiving fines: it's a scam and here's how to avoid it.

Receive a letter from ANTAI, understand the National Automation Processing Agency Offenses, never pleases. In 99% of cases it is to inform you that you have been hacked. This is the pinnacle for your driving on the road and you will have to move on to the next level. the box. But there's worse, and much more disconcerting, it's when, reading the letter, you don't understand what you're being accused of. Or rather that the offense committed does not concern you at all but that it is fine for you? you are being asked to pay the bill and it is on your driving license that points will be lost.

Tens of thousands of motorists experience this misfortune every year. And the phenomenon continues to grow as scams multiply. A new scam has been multiplying for some time throughout France at the expense of many drivers who have nothing to do with it. reproach. What is it?? People with bad intentions use license plates belonging to a company. lambda drivers in a way à be able to commit as many traffic offenses as they want without ever receiving a fine. How do they do it? Nothing too complicated; So many websites today offer to make registration plates without even asking for the vehicle's registration document. Obtain the replica of an already existing plate. existing is therefore child's play, all that is left for scammers to do is: fix one à the front and one ' back of their car and that's it.

This scam is spreading throughout France, thousands of motorists have to pay false fines

In France, as elsewhere, the registration plate, made up of a combination of numbers and letters, allows authorities to track vehicles and identify them in the event of traffic violations or offences. By usurping the number plate combination already in use on the market, the crooks therefore slip through the cracks while the scammed motorists receive the reports and must prove their good faith in order not to have & agrave; pay fines which can range from 11 à 135 euros depending on severity of the alleged facts. If this happens to you, do not pay the fine before contesting it because the law allows you to do so. On the other hand, you must write a letter with acknowledgment of your request. receipt in which you indicate the reasons for your dispute.

Nevertheless, proving that you were not at the scene of the offense with your vehicle will not be enough to prove ; end à your problems. Indeed, once your license plate has been removed, duplicated you are exposed to receive letters from ANTAI every four mornings. It is therefore recommended that firstly to file a complaint at the police station, which can help to resolve the problem. catch the thugs. Then, it is necessary to make a request to obtain a new registration plate from the website of the National Secure Title Agency (ANTS) – it is no longer possible to do this directly in the prefecture or sub-prefecture – as well as a new registration document. Your car will then have a whole new identity. and you will no longer receive unjustified fines.

As for the authors of "doublette", the name givené &agrav; As this scam becomes more and more widespread, they risk very big if they are arrested. The use of false registration plates is in fact punishable in France by a sentence of 5 years in prison, a fine of 3 years in prison and a fine of 3 years in prison. nbsp;750 euros, a withdrawal of six points, a suspension of the driving license for three years and the definitive confiscation of the vehicle.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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