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This sentence from the Pope is considered homophobic, he apologizes

Émentioning the presence of homosexuals in seminars during a meeting at behind closed doors, Pope Francis, who was then speaking in Italian, used a term that is, to say the least, vulgar and insulting to designate homosexuals.

Unease in the Vatican. A week ago, the sovereign pontiff, whose mother tongue is Spanish, held a meeting here. behind closed doors in Italian during which his vocabulary à There has been no shortage of attention to homosexuals. to startle his audience. While Pope Francis invited the bishops to not to welcome openly homosexual people in religious seminaries, the term comes from the dialect of Rome “frociaggine", which could be translated as "p& ;eacute;dé", came out of his mouth. 

"The Pope never intended to offend or express himself with homophobic remarks and apologizes & ;agrave; those who felt offended by the use of a word, reacted this Tuesday, May 28, the Vatican in a press release. as the information began to trickle out. come out everywhere in the media & around the world.

At the Corriere della Sera, the évêques present &at ; the meeting confided; that at the time, it was “obvious that the sovereign pontiff was not aware of how insulting his remarks were in Italian” ;. Moreover, "more than embarrassment", the word usedé by Pope Francis would have been é greeted by "some incredulous laughter" so obvious was the blunder, Italian not being the mother tongue of the sovereign pontiff. A version also confirmed by La Repubblica

Teilor Stone

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