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This smart pillow is undoubtedly the solution to your excessively loud snoring

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Snoring is a problem that affects approximately 57% of men and 40% of women – and it is common for this harsh, powerful and unpleasant noise to lead couples to sleep separately. Or even put an end to their relationship! However, it is not intentional and is linked to vibrations of the soft tissues of the throat, particularly the soft palate, i.e. the posterior part of the palate.

The relaxation of the muscles around these tissues during sleep is thus seen as largely responsible for these unpleasant noises. A solution (often experienced, moreover, by the snorer, as an unpleasant experience) is to slightly wake your other half in the event of too loud a noise, or to try to make him or her sleep on their side. But it doesn't always work.

What if this pillow was the solution everyone was waiting for against snoring

This is where the latest innovation from DeRucci, a Chinese firm, comes into play. The firm took advantage of CES 2024 to launch a series of sleep-related products, including a smart mattress, a thickness-adjustable smart pillow, AI-powered sleep tracking and voice-controlled shutters and curtains. . But it was especially its anti-snore pillow that caused a sensation at the show.

Instead of waking the snorer unpleasantly, it adjusts its hardness, and moves the sleeper's head slightly. Which has the effect of stopping snoring (the firm speaks of a reduction of around 89%) – but also to fight against sleep apnea. The product, called Anti-Snore Smart Pillow, is connected to an application which allows, among other things, to manually change the position of the head of your sleeping half, without waking them up.

High quality sleep products range are traditionally quite expensive, and, as you might expect, this pillow is no exception. CNET thus speaks of a price of around 972 dollars per unit. However, this is not the only product that you will certainly want to adopt to improve your sleep. The T11 Pro Smart mattress uses patented AI technology to adjust to the user's individual health to optimize sleep… ~/em>.

And why not, alert the user to possible health problems. Still count on 8,327 dollars. Which is undoubtedly a little more expensive than a mattress from IKEA…

  • The DeRucci firm caused a sensation on the sidelines of CES 2024 with an anti-snoring pillow.
  • This simply moves the sleeper's head, reducing the occurrence of this unpleasant noise by 89% and reduce the risk of sleep apnea.
  • The price of the pillow, however, remains quite dissuasive, for the moment & ;#8211; but we can hope that the technology will inspire third-party manufacturers.

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