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This start-up wants to reinvent meetings thanks to its AI notepad

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This start-up is Granola, and it seems determined to make its product an indispensable tool in the professional world. Their AI-powered notebook, specially designed to optimize the organization and tracking of meetings, integrates advanced artificial intelligence functionalities, and is even more pushed than the Apple Notes application. Enough to make it a truly indispensable personal assistant?

A personal assistant for more productive meetings

This famous notepad can automatically capture and transcribe exchanges that take place during meetings. Supported by sophisticated speech recognition and natural language processing algorithms, it can distinguish between different speakers and structures information clearly and concisely.

With just one click , entire discussions are recorded, completely eliminating manual note-taking. It can also automatically generate summaries using AIby analyzing the transcripts to identify important points, decisions made and steps to be taken, thus producing an exhaustive summary of the meeting. It is powered by the GPT-4 model as can be read on the official Granola website.

Integration of third-party applications

Another big advantage of this notebook of the future: integrate seamlessly with leading project management and video conferencing tools. It is compatible with a number of different platforms such as Microsoft Teams, widely used in business, Google Meet or Zoom. It also supports Asana or Trello. Additionally, it can centralize all notes and tasks in one place after the meeting, which any participant can later access.

Beyond the simple generation of reports, it is capable of very advanced semantic analysis. The software included in the notebook is able to identify the actions to be taken as well as the corresponding deadlines, thus automatically creating a directory of tasks to be carried out . This way, each participant can immediately see the tasks assigned to them. Even better, these tasks are then linked to an automatic reminder so that no one forgets what was said.

Granola already offers a free trial program for businesses including 25 meetings, or a fairly affordable subscription to 10 dollars per month for unlimited use. We will see if their invention will find its audience or if it will be condemned to remain at the level of a gadget.

  • Granola, a London startup launches its AI notebook for businesses
  • Powered by the GPT-4 language model, it can record meeting audio and generate summaries automatically.
  • It is also capable of generating a task list from what it records.

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