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This startup promises a 3-day work week thanks to AI

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The 4-day week ? It's for the weak. The startup Tomoro wants to go even further in reducing working hours by relying on artificial intelligence. The British company has set itself the mission of reducing employees' working week to 3 days within five years.

How to achieve this feat ? Thanks to LLM-like language models such as ChatGPT and its rivals. These are supposed to act as personal assistants to employees to help them be more productive than they currently are.

Gloomy Job Outlook

Quoted by The Next Web, Ed Broussard, founder of the company, thus underlines& nbsp;: “We're not talking about simple automation or the removal of repetitive tasks. Tomoro will integrate synthetic employees into businesses alongside real people who have the ability to reason, develop, increase their knowledge, adapt their tone and solve problems. This is a radical departure from what currently exists on the market”.

To move forward with this very ambitious project, the company claims to be working in conjunction with OpenAI, the publisher of ChatGPT. The idea is therefore to improve efficiency in the workplace of client companies eightfold.

You don't believe it ? The startup specifies in any case that it will recruit a world-class research team in the field of AI and behavioral sciences. According to our colleagues, it already counts the British insurance company PremFina among its clients.

Regardless, Tomoro leaders are not the first to put forward this idea. Bill Gates, for example, recently explained that “if eventually in a company where we only worked 3 days a week, that would be OK”.

According to the billionaire, “machines could, for example, take care of food and various other tasks”. According to him, “the purpose of life is not only to work”. A fairly positive vision which contrasts with the many fears expressed about the impact of AI on employment.

To cite just one of the many studies published on this subject, the OECD estimates that with the emergence of these new technologies, 27% of current jobs are seriously threatened. Perhaps in this context, a massive reduction in working hours will emerge as a very welcome solution. You can learn more about this very informative study by re-reading our article here.

What to remember:

  • A startup has set itself the goal of enabling businesses to move to a 3-day week
  • This would be possible thanks to the productivity gains enabled by AI
  • Bill Gates also imagines a future where the work week would be 3 days

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